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FullSwing Kit Launch Monitor

FullSwing Kit Launch Monitor

Golf Monitor

If you call yourself a golfer, there is a good chance you are aware of Trackman, the most well-respected golf launch monitor available. You are probably also aware of its price, an eye-watering $21,495 as of this writing.  That is a lot of range fees and Pro V1s…but it is still tempting.

If you struggle to justify a training aid that costs more than your first car (and the house my mother grew up in!), the Full Swing Kit launch monitor is for you. The Kit is a portable launch monitor with a similar form factor and feature set to the Trackman 4. It rests behind you and records your swing and ball flight data using radar and high-definition cameras. Unlike the Trackman, it features an OLED display built into the device, so you can see data such as yardage, spin rate, ball speed, launch angle, and more with only the monitor itself.

The Full Swing Kit launch monitor can also be connected to your tablet, smartphone, or even directly to your Bluetooth headphones for more detailed feedback. That feedback includes dozens of data points but also includes videos of each and every shot.

As a Trackman 4 competitor, the Full Swing Kit is potentially a better option for anyone other than an instructor. It provides more data than most golfers will need (16), in a better form factor, at less than ¼ of the price. That’s right, the Full Swing Kit is only $4999, yet even Tiger Woods is willing to give it his stamp of approval.

The Full Swing Kit also has the option of purchasing an indoor gameplay kit, which allows you to play more than 100 courses with a small annual subscription fee, or a Perpetual Package, which, for $750, gets you access to a detailed practice area and 5 courses.

If you love golf (or love a golfer), the Full Swing Kit is a great option for anyone who can’t play 365 days/year. If you want to improve your golf game without the $20,000 investment that a Trackman 4 requires, the Full Swing Kit is for you, and BRAVAS would love to help you get your hands on one. Reach out today to learn more.


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