Everything you needed to know about lighting but were afraid to ask!

Everything you needed to know about lighting but were afraid to ask!

One of the subjects we get asked most about at BRAVAS is lights, lighting, and lighting control. Many people looking to update or build a new home want to explore how to get the best light in their new environment. While some builders and architects know this space well when it comes to power, they are more focused on selling you "four cans and a fan" in each room.

A recent BRAVAS Luxury Living podcast focused on lighting and tried to cover almost every question you might have about lighting in a luxury home. If you are thinking of updating the lights, lighting, and control of illumination in your home, you can listen to it here.

To tempt you, here are some of the subjects we covered that you might find interesting:

  • What is the difference between Lighting Design and Lighting Control?
  • What are Lighting Loads?
  • Doing the 'Dad Walk' and the Good Night button
  • LEDs compared to incandescent lights
  • Human-Centric or Circadian Rhythm lighting
  • Combining lighting with music, shades, and other technologies


If you are new to BRAVAS and have not heard one of our Luxury Living Podcasts, you may find them a great way to learn about home automation and what is possible. You may also find some ideas in our Solution Guide which can be downloaded here.

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