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Enhance Your Private Library with Smart Technology

Enhance Your Private Library with Smart Technology

Explore the Ways to Add Even More Refinement and Comfort to Your Library

For many, a private library is about more than the sum of its parts. It’s about creating a space where you can escape into the quiet comfort of a good book.

The idea of incorporating technology into a library may seem counterintuitive, but there are options that will actually enhance the ability to enjoy the tactile comfort of physical books.

How might smart technology add elegance and convenience to your library? Here’s our recommendation...

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Create the Perfect Setting for Reading

Perhaps the lights in your library are too bright for your liking, or direct sunlight causes a nuisance and glare during certain hours of the day.

With a smart technology solution, you don’t have to worry about harsh lighting affecting your library. In fact, you can customize the room’s look to your preferences.

Particularly for rooms that have windows, it can be difficult to set the perfect lighting based on time of day and abundance of natural light. But a custom lighting system can solve that problem.

Using solar sensors, the overhead light fixtures can dim or brighten automatically to ensure you always have the ideal reading environment. 

We also can install a smart shading system that can automatically roll blinds down during hours of direct sunlight, protecting your valuable books and furnishings from harsh UV rays.

Best of all, you can intuitively control your library technology solution. Whether it’s through an in-wall touchscreen panel or keypad or a smartphone or tablet, finding the perfect scene is simple.

After you’re finished spending time in your library, the lights automatically will turn off after a set amount of time.

Easily Find Your Favorite Book

The smart technology in your library can be designed for more than just creating the perfect scene for reading.

It also can help you quickly find your preferred books, even if you have hundreds. Instead of searching through shelves, trying to find a specific author or novel, why not let smart technology help?

Imagine a touchscreen panel integrated into the wall. You simply type in the author or book title, and the system tells you exactly where it’s located. You could even have the lights above that exact shelf light up to guide you to it.

The system can contain a scrollable list of every book you own, organized by title, genre, author and more – it’s up to you.

Those are just a few examples of how the right technology can enhance each area of your home, but the true benefit of working with a bespoke technology company like BRAVAS is that every aspect of your system is designed to fit your exact needs.

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