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Creating the Perfect Wellness Room

Creating the Perfect Wellness Room

Our minds are sort of like an MP3 player and are very adept at mental time travel. We can fast forward and think about the future and everything we want or need to do. We can also rewind and think back on past experiences - sometimes even dwelling on those experiences. Mindfulness meditation and yoga practices train your brain to keep the button on play so that we are completely aware and in the present moment of our experience. 

Carving out time in your busy day to decompress with a dedicated meditation or yoga practice is a great way to reduce stress, improve memory and focus, and increase overall wellness – among many other benefits. Solutions for Yoga and Wellness spaces can be as simple as a quiet room in your home but can be as unique as your imagination allows. But what place does home technology have in a room dedicated to wellness? Read on for some considerations on designing the perfect wellness room or yoga space to keep you in the present moment.



A wellness room is a dedicated space within a home, used to escape the daily stresses of life and provide the opportunity to recharge physically and mentally. You want to choose an area in your home that makes you feel good when walking into it. Important design considerations include isolating outside noise and distraction and providing relaxing light, sound, and climate. Rooms that are aesthetically pleasing with a lot of natural light enhance your mood. Controlling the natural light with shades or simulating natural lighting if none exists in the space are just a few ways technology can improve the room's mood. The light and sound requirements may change based on the occupant’s goals, so intuitive control is paramount. If you desire to use the space for yoga, more floor space may be required.



It may be challenging to quiet your mind when there's a commotion going on down the hall. We can combine hidden and visible acoustic treatments to minimize noise intrusion and reduce the noise created within the space. An easy-to-use audio system allows the user to enjoy natural sounds, music, or even silence. Tunable LED lights can automatically match the lighting to your desired state of mind. Warm dim light to relax the body, or cool bright light to invigorate you as you start your day.


The goal of a wellness room is just that, your personal well-being. The technologies used help deliver the purpose of a space that can positively impact your health, mood, and outlook. By combining sound, light, and excellent design, you can create a space that redefines what it means to feel good in your home. With a control system, preset scenes such as “morning” or “relax” can be run at the touch of a button or even a simple voice command.


Combining lighting control, acoustic treatments, climate control, and high-quality audio can create a space that meaningfully improves your life. Contact BRAVAS for more ideas on creating the perfect wellness space in your home to keep your mental button on “play.”

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