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Control4 Connect

Control4 Connect

Control4 is a leader in smart home automation systems, and has now improved their ability to provide a world-class control system with Control4 Connect. Control4 Connect provides access to the latest security updates, software revisions, and integrations, so your system will be constantly improving as technology, and your preferences, change. 

As of April 23, 2024 all new systems installed in the United States will require Control4 Connect. Depending on the hardware in your system, Control4 Connect will range from $0-$249/yr, and will be paid directly through the Control4 App. Control4 Connect replaces 4Sight for new systems, so users will pay for one or the other, not both.

Control4 Connect includes the following features:

  • Access to Software Updates
  • Remote System Access
  • Mobile Notifications
  • Voice Control (Alexa, Google,
  • When>>Then Scene Personalization
  • User ability to add new devices to the system
  • Intercom Anywhere
  • Access to monthly system insight reports
  • Access to system education
  • Access to new features added in the future

Control4 Connect is also required for add-on features like Control4 Assist and Control4 Assist Premium.

What will it cost?

Cost for Control4 Connect varies based on the hardware in your system. If your system only has a CA-1 controller Control4 Connect cost $0/yr. If your only controller is a Core Lite Controller the cost is $99/yr. Any other controllers will cost $249/yr for Control4 Connect. 

What does this mean for 4Sight? 

4Sight continues to be available for customers with systems installed prior to April 23, 2024. For any systems installed after April 23, 2024, Connect is the required software service that replaces 4Sight. This means: 

  • Customers with systems installed prior to April 23, 2024, can purchase and renew 4Sight to enjoy the feature set it delivers
  • Partners will continue to receive a product credit for all annual sales and renewals of 4Sight
  • Snap One will invest in developing the capabilities and feature set of Connect over time, while 4Sight will remain as it is today

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