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Be the King of Your Backyard This Spring

Be the King of Your Backyard This Spring

Step it Up with Smart Lighting, Fireplaces and More

The best time of the year is right around the corner – nothing beats spending some downtime enjoying your property with friends and family. Whether you want to whip up something savory and seasonal in your outdoor kitchen, kick back and watch a ballgame, or just bask in the warm weather, this is the time to do it.

But there are plenty of ways design and technology can help make your big backyard plans come true. Keep reading to find out what you need to know for an incredible season.

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Light up the Night

Outdoor lighting control helps you beautify your spaces while enjoying a bit of personal expression. Enjoy an elegant design for a dinner party or throw on your favorite teams’ colors for the game with a few swipes on your smartphone.

Modern LED lighting systems are energy efficient, long lasting, and offer clear, white light for every corner of your space. LED are capable of customized configurations and some fixtures offer the ability to change color. That means you can fully accentuate the best parts of your outdoor spaces.

Stay Warm

Warm weather is the best part of the spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sitting by the fire during cooler nights. Integrating a fireplace with your smart automation system is a great way to have instant control whenever you want it.

Smart outdoor fireplaces and fixtures are a simple way to add an elegant accent to your deck, yard, or pool areas. With one touch, you can set the pit ablaze. S’mores anyone? They’re also compatible with major smart home manufacturers, so you can combine the controls with an outdoor lighting and music system for an even more impressive effect.

Strong Connections

One of the most frustrating parts of spending time outside is dead spots in your network. Wi-Fi may not reach that far, especially if you have guests on your network for a party or get together. That means you can’t browse the internet, stream your favorite music, or watch the game.

Instead, a wireless mesh network simply covers your entire yard. Instead of a Wi-Fi router that broadcasts a signal from a central location, a mesh network connects between nodes placed throughout your property. The result is a closed system with no weak signals and no annoyed party guests.

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