Air Quality You Can Smell

Air Quality You Can Smell

A well-designed smart home relies on technology proven to provide safe spaces and peace of mind for our families. One of the cornerstones of this is to ensure we are all breathing the cleanest air possible. In a modern, well-designed residence of today, incorporating advanced air filtration is a great way to start and has never been easier. What is more, when you have cleaner air, everyone says you can smell the difference.

Airtight Homes are not the answer

For a while, the thought was that our homes could be constructed with advanced techniques and materials, making them airtight, and this would be sufficient. While this improves energy efficiency, it isolates and traps the air inside more than ever before. According to the EPA, indoor air can worsen between 10 and 20 times on an air quality index (AQI) reading than outdoor air. This low-quality indoor air comes from particulates and allergens. Just some of the things that can affect your breathing and may even get absorbed into your bloodstream come from flowers, dust, cooking, or pets. Additionally, furnishings like carpets, rugs, cleaning supplies, paints, or stained furniture emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in gaseous form.

Also, mold, bacteria, and viruses have been shown to linger in the air and can also be inhaled. The solution is to remove these contaminants by filtering and purifying the air at the ultra-fine level (below 0.1 microns), which will reduce risk not only for the lungs but also for

toxins entering the blood and reaching other organs. The proper solution should also destroy any living organisms (mold, virus) in the air rather than merely trapping them within a filter where breed can occur as the filter loads to capacity.


Critical elements to a healthy air system

A well-designed flow with good air filtration can be up to 40x more efficient than just adding HEPA filters to HVAC systems. When installed correctly, a filtration system will remove 99.99% of harmful viruses, fungi molds, and bacteria, down to .007 micron in size, and do it quietly.

The first step is to do some simple information gathering in the home or study the plans for a new home. BRAVAS and our partners can evaluate the air quality need and clearly define the requirements and spaces to be filtered. If requested, we can do a design review with the builder, architect, or designers to make sure the look and feel matches the home's aesthetic.

BRAVAS can then collaborate with the mechanical contractor on whole-home installations to ensure a seamless installation and, where possible, integration with your whole home automation system. Post-installation, we offer a 24/7 approach to support and service to all our home automation solutions. In some cases, we maybe even be able to help with no hassle filter replacement (every 2 to 3 years for the whole house) if needed.


The Right Solution

To achieve all of this, BRAVAS offers patented technology from companies like Intellipure that filters and removes pollutants from the air. Intellipure's patented DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) technology provides three key proprietary benefits: removing the smallest and most harmful particulates, using the most efficient airflow technology, and disinfecting any micro-organisms that pass through. 


BRAVAS would love to help you make sure your home has the healthiest air and provide a solution for you.

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