A Strong Infrastructure for Your Smart Home Design

A Strong Infrastructure for Your Smart Home Design

Don’t Skip a Reliable Foundation for Smart Devices

What once felt like a feature in sci-fi movies is now a reality in homes nationwide. Smart home technology allows us to automate and connect all of our IoT devices from the kitchen to the backyard. Between smart lighting and security systems, home automation lends a helping hand to make our homes safer and more comfortable.

If you’re interested in turning your house ‘smart,’ you won’t want to cut corners. Faulty technology that doesn’t work will leave you frustrated and regretful. To ensure your system functions flawlessly, you’ll need to partner with a company that knows the importance of a strong foundation and can deliver it with confidence. A professional smart home design makes all the difference, and here’s why.

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Wired vs. Wireless: Finding the Right System

The choice between a wired or wireless network depends on how many smart devices you intend to use in your home. If you’re only adding a smart thermostat, video doorbell, or voice-assistant wireless speaker, you should be fine connecting your devices over Wi-Fi. As you slowly start to add more technology, that’s when you run the risk of overloading your network and slowing down response times. We can strategically place range extenders and, if necessary, a second router to cover your entire house. But once you continue to build with lighting, security, and multi-room music, it’s time to be wary of wireless setups.

A wired system can reliably connect each device to the internet without interruption. Professionals like BRAVAS know how to hide cables and wires in-wall, so you’ll maintain a clean aesthetic without a jungle of wires. An optimally designed system will leave room for you to build and add more devices as years go on, preparing you for the future. Wired networks are a larger project to undertake, but the results are the strongest.

Control from One App

Trying to manage your lighting, thermostat, speakers, home theater, and more from multiple apps and remotes is a headache. What’s the point of a smart home if it makes your life more complicated? The best system should be easily controlled from the same platform.

Whether you’d prefer a tablet, phone app, control panel, or remote, you’ll be able to save custom settings and schedules, merging your technology to work in sync. For instance, tapping “Good Night” will turn off your lights, reset the thermostat, turn off speakers, activate security alarms, and lower motorized shades. Each system will work together, like the many parts of a body or machine.    

Ready to get started with your smart home? Partner with BRAVAS to work with an experienced and certified team of technology professionals. Contact us online here, and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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