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5 of the Best Smart Home Products for 2023

5 of the Best Smart Home Products for 2023

In a year filled with supply-chain issues, it isn’t surprising that 2022 was a slow year for the introduction of new smart home products. But even in such a difficult time, we saw some exciting announcements and have spent more time working with the best products from the previous years. Read on to learn about some of the products that we are most excited to work with in 2023.


The ELAN HR series of remotes introduced the groundbreaking use of instant on Wi-Fi, allowing a remote to connect to your home’s wireless network so it could be used anywhere in the home. The HR40 combines that same technology, along with some new tricks, in a slick new package. The HR40 is now more modern looking, and combines a huge edge-to-edge touchscreen that can be used just like their touch panel or smartphone interface, making it far more useful as a smart home controller than most physical remotes.

The HR40 can even be used as a part of an intercom system, giving you the ability to see and speak with someone at your front door directly from your remote.


Above: Elan HR40 Remote. Image provided by Elan/Nice.

Sonos Sub Mini + Sonos Beam Gen 2

At BRAVAS we believe in the power of a truly integrated smart home, and as a result we don’t sell a lot of Sonos speakers. But it is worth mentioning that Sonos now has an option for greatly improving upon your TV speakers at a much more reasonable price, thanks to the new Sub Mini. The Sub Mini isn’t cheap at $429, but it also isn’t as petite as the name might suggest. When combined with a Sonos soundbar, such as the Sonos Ray or Sonos Beam Gen 2, it can provide a very rich sound, especially for smaller spaces and more moderate budgets. 

Savant Power

Power is one of the final frontiers of the smart home. We have visibility or control of so many aspects of the home, and with Savant Power, we add power to that list. In its most simple form, Savant Power allows us to monitor and even control power in the home at the individual breaker level. This is information anyone can use to better understand their home, but when you add solar or power storage, the benefit becomes impossible to ignore.

Above: Savant Smart Panel. Image Provided by: Savant Power 


LEDs revolutionized light, but they did not necessarily improve the lives of those using them. LED lights are more efficient than their incandescent counterparts but infamous for low quality, unattractive color, and poor dimming. Ketra brings beauty and a focus on the quality of life to LED lights. Ketra lights are able to replicate the full spectrum of color, including matching the color of the sun throughout the day. This can help improve productivity and even sleep quality, all while making your home more attractive.

Ketra Lighting Demo from Ketra on Vimeo.


Access Networks & Wi-Fi 6

Each year we place more and more stress on our home networks, but without making significant changes to the infrastructure. With the introduction of Wi-Fi 6 the already powerful Access Network systems we install have become even more incredible. Wi-Fi 6 dramatically increases the battery life of your devices, boosts the network's ability to handle concurrent devices, and improves security. If you have experienced any network issues, from intermittent slow speeds to buffering rom coms, you may benefit from a new Wi-Fi 6 network from Access Networks.

If you are interested in improving your home for 2023, please reach out to BRAVAS today; we would love the opportunity to make your home a better place to live, work and play.

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