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Coastal Source Razor Speaker

4 Outdoor Speakers You Will Love

Beautiful spring days and warm summer nights create ideal conditions for enjoying time outdoors entertaining friends and family. If your backyard could use an upgrade, you might consider adding speakers to help get the party going. Whether you are entertaining around a pool, enjoying the game with your friends, or just preparing a meal on the grill, music can improve the experience. Music played on high-quality speakers - correctly placed – can elevate the experience even more. 

Whatever size or shape your outdoor space, we have a perfect solution that will make you want to permanently retire your Bluetooth speaker or headphones, just read on to learn about four of our favorites.

Bollard Speakers

Bollard speakers are an ideal choice for many outdoor audio systems. These speakers boast a sleek design that can be easily hidden within a landscape yet look great when installed out in the open.  They are modern, stylish, and built to withstand outdoor conditions, making them suitable for year-round use. They can be designed to project sound in one direction (like away from the neighbors) or in a 360º arc, making them an incredibly flexible outdoor speaker option.

Above: Origin Acoustics Bollard Landscape Speaker installed by BRAVAS DFW

Satellite Speakers

Easily hidden while allowing even coverage over large spaces, these speakers can be discretely placed around a garden to create an even spread of sound. When arranged correctly, they can create an immersive audio experience no matter where you are standing in the yard. Add in a burial subwoofer, like the options offered in the Sonance SLS and Sonance Garden Series, and you have a full sound from a tiny footprint.

Above: Sonance Satellite Speaker installed by BRAVAS Minneapolis

Wedge Speakers

Wedge speakers allow fantastic options for mounting speakers on surfaces and where yards have more hardscape than landscape. James Loudspeaker created their Wedge speakers when they realized that mounting speakers to your home might still be necessary, but it didn’t have to look terrible.  Available in various sizes and performance levels, these wedge speakers are customizable in both size and color to meet the aesthetic of any space. When tucked away into the eaves of a soffit or roofline, the speaker will provide beautiful sound without drawing attention to an unattractive outdoor speaker.

Coastal Source created their Razor speaker (pictured in the title card image) to be similarly flexible. While not customizable, they come in 3 sizes and 8 models and can be mounted and combined in dozens of ways. Their modern looks pair well with incredible output and quality, making them one of the best-looking and best-sounding outdoor speakers you can buy.

Above: James Loudspeaker Custom Wedge Speaker.  Image provided by James Loudspeaker.


If your yard or patio could use a lighting upgrade as well as a speaker upgrade, Episode has an incredibly unique product for you. The Radiance speaker incorporates interchangeable outdoor speaker and landscape light modules. You can choose to use just the speaker, just the light, or both together. Episode makes multiple ways to mount the Radiance product, including ground stakes, wall sconces, and pendants. Even better, all of this can be done with just one wire, so we can potentially replace an aging landscape lighting system with both audio and modern LED lights.

Above: Episode Radiance Speaker.  Image provided by SnapOne.

Whether you have several acres or a small terrace, BRAVAS can help you find the right solution for any outdoor space. Reach out and let us help make your outdoor audio rock as hard as you do!


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