3 Types of Multi-Room Audio

3 Types of Multi-Room Audio

Find the Right System for Your Indianapolis Home

As you consider adding multi-room music to your Indiana home, there may be a lot of questions that come to mind. Where will the speakers be placed? What other equipment will I need? Will my home need to be rewired? To make certain that all pieces work seamlessly together, seek the assistance of an audio professional and take some time to acquaint yourself with three different types of multi-room audio systems. 

Multi-Room/Single Source

This type of system includes one amp powering speakers in multiple rooms. These systems are relatively simple to install and operate. You will be able to listen to audio throughout every room of your home that is equipped with a speaker. If you want to expand your system to other rooms not previously included, the process will be fairly simple.

The source can range from streaming services to vinyl, but every room will be playing from the same source. You can then make adjustments to volume and switch songs through your controls in each room or through your smartphone or tablet. You can easily create the right ambiance throughout your whole home for entertaining with high-performance audio, but, again, you will be limited to one source.

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This type of system provides the option to change your audio source and have two different sources playing in two different zones. So, if your daughter wants to listen to her favorite pop music playlist while she works on homework and your son wants to use the home’s audio in the media room, they can both utilize the same audio system.

A multi-source system adds more flexibility to your home audio, but there are a few drawbacks to consider. This type of system requires a multi-channel amp and more extensive wiring. The installation process is more involved. It will also be more difficult to add additional speakers and zones. Therefore, it is imperative that you map out your system with a professional beforehand.


Wireless systems have become increasingly popular over the past couple years. One reason is that they are so simple to install. Simply plug-in the speakers, connect the system to a Wi-Fi network, and download the manufacturer’s app to your smartphone or tablet and you can be ready to go. As speaker placement and tuning can greatly impact the sound, work with an audio professional to make certain your system fits your space.

A wireless system does have a few negatives. For one thing, the components are typically only compatible with others made by the manufacturer, so you can’t mix and match to make your most ideal system. For another, the sound quality can be questionable, especially if you don’t have a high-quality home Wi-Fi network.

As you’re making your decision, know that you’re not alone. Contact a local BRAVAS partner to go over the pros and cons of each of these systems and what they would mean in your home. 

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