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3 Compelling Benefits of Landscape Lighting

3 Compelling Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is certainly not uncommon in luxury homes, but most homeowners don’t grasp the full value and potential of a great landscape lighting system. The benefits to curb appeal are dramatic, but we have included three additional reasons to have BRAVAS design a landscape lighting system for your home below.

Expand your Livable Space

Outdoor living areas are significant investments, but they can provide increased livable square footage in the form of entertaining, dining, and relaxation spaces. Most outdoor additions do just that, during the day. But once the sun sets these spaces often go unused. A well-designed landscape lighting system can make these outdoor spaces even more beautiful and useable at night, as we now have complete control over the light. With durable Coastal Source fixtures we can provide that experience in any environment, no matter how harsh.

Make your Home Feel Larger

One benefit of landscape lighting that surprises most people when they see it, is how much more expansive it makes the inside of the home feel. Everyone has had the experience of being in a brightly lit home at night, where the windows simply appear light pitch-black rectangles. This feeling is constricting, and honestly it can be a little creepy knowing that someone could be just outside your window without your knowledge. A good exterior lighting system allows your view to pass straight through the window, visually adding more space to your home. With smart Lutron controls you can easily adjust the timing of your landscape lights without leaving your sofa.  


Increase your Safety

Finally, landscape lighting systems are known to reduce the likelihood of a break-in by not allowing a potential thief a dark space to work. It also provides the homeowner with the ability to see the entirety of their property when designed correctly. Knowing that the entire property is covered provides a sense of safety and comfort every bit as important as the actual improvements to safety. And if you still have concerns, BRAVAS can design a security or surveillance system to work in conjunction with your landscape lights to provide ultimate peace-of-mind.


If you have a beautiful home that you want to look better, appear larger and feel safer, give your local BRAVAS branch a call today. We can design, install and maintain the lighting system that will make your exterior as beautiful and comfortable as your interior.


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