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2-Channel Audio Systems

2-Channel Audio Systems

If you have ever attended a concert, then you have experienced music. Whether it was in a jazz club, an opera house, or the Red Rocks amphitheater, you did more than just listen to music. You felt it. You were moved by it. Music, like movies, should be experienced as close as possible to the way the creator intended it.

It is impractical to have a symphony in your home nightly, and your favorite band is probably busy. But a great 2-channel audio system is as close as you can get to the real thing. Details that you have never heard become clear. Drum beats that you heard are now felt. Voices that were beautiful become mesmerizing.

A good 2-channel system consists of a few basic components: a source, a pre-amp, an amplifier, and a speaker. The source is what you are listening to like a turntable, a CD, a streamer, or even a radio. The pre-amp is the brain that ties everything together, while the amplifier is the muscle that drives the speaker. All of this equipment can be as simple or as complicated as one desires and is available at almost any budget. The pre-amplifier and amplifier can be combined into a single unit, typically called an integrated amplifier. If you only intend to listen to streaming audio your source can also be integrated, leaving you to simply choose a pair of speakers that you love.

Speakers are the most personal choice when it comes to a hi-fi system. Speakers come in a huge range of sizes and price points. The first choice is between tower speakers, also known as floor-standing speakers, and bookshelf speakers. This choice is largely dependent on the available space, and the look you prefer. Next comes the sound, all speakers sound different. There aren’t necessarily good and bad speakers, but those that you enjoy more or less.  Last but not least is the style of the speaker. Some prefer the speaker to make a statement, some like it to blend in. Whatever you prefer, speakers come in different shapes, styles, and finishes, so there is a pair of speakers out there to fit everyone.

If you are interested in having BRAVAS design and build a 2-channel system for your home, please reach out. This is our passion, and our team would love to create the hi-fi system of your dreams.

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