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2 Home Lighting Control Problems That Architects Face 2 Home Lighting Control Problems That Architects Face

Smart Systems Will Help You Tackle the Common Design Pitfalls That Plague Dallas Clients

Lighting plays such an essential role in how we perceive the beauty and function of a space. A cozy living room’s lighting setup invites homeowners to sit and relax, while a bright kitchen or home office makes us feel energetic and productive.

No matter what space you’re designing or which vibe you’re hoping to create, Dallas, TX-area architects like you understand that for the luxury homes that we are targeting, the client is already investing in design and aesthetics. After all, they’re hiring not only us at Smart Systems, but also you, the architect, and possibly an interior designer. They’re trusting us to engineer and design spaces that they’ll continue to enjoy, and with minimal hassle.

Keep reading to find two common home lighting control design problems facing architects and integrators and what we can do together to mitigate both issues.

Can Home Lighting Control Make Your Home Safer? Can Home Lighting Control Make Your Home Safer?

Protect Your Home with Lighting and Shading Scenes

Usually, when Dallas, Texas homeowners think about home lighting control, energy management comes to mind. And while smart lighting and shading is an excellent way to cut down on your energy bill, there are far more advantages that are worth thinking about, such as home security. Read on to learn how connecting your lights and shades to a Vacation scene can actually help keep your home safe.

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