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Which Display Should You Choose for Your Outdoor TV Installation? Which Display Should You Choose for Your Outdoor TV Installation?

A Complete Guide to SunBriteTV Models to Find the Best Fit for You

When the sultry day wraps up and the temperature drops in Buckhead, Georgia, our first instinct is often to head outdoors. As you settle into your favorite patio chair or start wading in the pool, what one element can you think of that would elevate the experience?

If you thought about kicking back and watching your favorite shows and movies outside, BRAVAS Atlanta would love to help. Is there a particular space you envisioned when you considered an outdoor TV installation? Keep reading to see which SunBrite TV would best suit that area!

Explore the Many Options For Controlling Your Smart Home System Explore the Many Options For Controlling Your Smart Home System

From Dedicated Touchscreens to Universal Remotes, There’s a Solution For You

Everything about how you design your home was a careful decision. Whether you buy a house or build one, you take every effort to make it as “yours” as possible. As you develop your Georgia smart home here in the Atlanta area, BRAVAS Atlanta makes sure each aspect of your home technology integration corresponds to your needs.

Why should the controls for your smart home be any different? Some people prefer the feel of a physical remote that can manage their entire home, while others might want to use their phones for everything. It’s not your home until your management tool feels intuitive for you and your family, so make sure you find a system that handles naturally for you. Keep reading to look at your options.

Why Consult With a Professional Before Building Your Smart Home? Why Consult With a Professional Before Building Your Smart Home?

3 Reasons Why Early Consultation is Key to A Custom Smart Home Design

If you’re building a home soon in the Metro Atlanta area, we’re sure you’ve already thought about neighborhoods, school districts, house styles, nearby amenities and much more. Perhaps now you’ve narrowed your search, found an architect and builder and established a budget. Have you ever considered transforming your new build into a smart home? If so, now is the time to act!

Speaking to a smart home design and installation expert like BRAVAS Atlanta long before building your home poses a unique, short-lived opportunity. You can have the features you value the most installed directly, while your walls are still open and you’re focused on your goals. Below, we’ll give you three reasons why it’s easier to begin laying the groundwork as early on as possible.

The Two Common Issues in Home Theater Setups The Two Common Issues in Home Theater Setups

Work with Home Theater Experts to Resolve Them

Whether you’re building a new home that you want to incorporate a theater into, or you’re looking to renovate a space on your existing property, it’s important to be equipped with the right knowledge and have a team of professionals working with you.

When approaching your Alpharetta property’s cinema setup, make sure you work with home theater experts like BRAVAS Atlanta for the best results. It’s one thing to be knowledgeable of products and systems, but it takes experience to know what kind of common issues are out there and how we can resolve them.

In this blog, we will look at a few of the common issues that can arise with home theaters, and how we offer solutions.

Pima Cinema Is The Best! Pima Cinema Is The Best!

Get THe A-List Celebrity Treatment With BRAVAS Atlanta

Since 2010, Georgia has been the 4th largest film industry among U.S. states, and it is no wonder. With our beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and tax breaks for filmmakers, it is a natural choice when deciding on a location for a movie. This does present one problem for the actors and actresses in these films, however: where are you going to watch your film the day it debuts? You cannot go to a theater: you will be mobbed by fans.

Feel Safer With A Security From BRAVAS Atlanta Feel Safer With A Security From BRAVAS Atlanta

Unfortunately, crime is something that cannot be ignored in the world. Chances are, you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime, whether violent or not; it is just the way of our society. There are ways you can protect yourself against being victimized however, most of which are fairly common knowledge, but we thought we would remind you of a few:

● Always be aware of your surroundings
● Always lock your doors, even when you are home
● Always lock your car doors
● Never leave your valuables in plain sight, this goes for your car or home
● Always report any suspicious behavior to your local authorities
● Never open the door for someone you do not know

The Insight 4k LED Projector Is The Best On The Market! The Insight 4k LED Projector Is The Best On The Market!

If you are a technophile, you probably already know or already have one installed in your elite home theater. If you run a military training course, and use simulation as part of the training you probably have one, or if you are a part of the Command and Control sector, you may have one. What are we talking about? BRAVAS Atlanta was the first in the country to install the brand new $150,000 Insight 4k LED projector, and we want to tell you a little bit about it.

Smart Homes Are The Future! Smart Homes Are The Future!

Staying Ahead of Home Technology Trends

As a homeowner looking to upgrade, you may be wondering which companies are reputable, know what they are doing, and will treat you with respect. These are all valid concerns when deciding with whom to spend your hard-earned money, and at BRAVAS Atlanta in Alpharetta, we would like to give you some reasons we are the best company for you and your family!

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