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3 Reasons You Need Motorized Shades 3 Reasons You Need Motorized Shades

Two of the three parts of this sentence may be true, and one is probably not: motorized shades are more expensive, and closing manual shades only takes a few seconds, which you will do yourself.

Did you get it right?

Yes, motorized shades are more expensive (they have motors), and it only takes a few seconds to open or close a manual shade. They were the true things. The untrue part is the 'you will do it yourself' bit. Of course, you intend to, and you may even plan to, but on a busy day, you go blind to those shades because manual shades are a pain to use and take too long to change. That is why it has been reported that 70% of the time, owners never change a manual shade. You bought this lovely home with a great view, and you never get to see it.

Here are three reasons why you may want to take the plunge and spend the extra on automated shades.

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