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Product of the Month: Sonance Invisible Speakers Product of the Month: Sonance Invisible Speakers

If you think an invisible speaker sounds like an April’s Fools Day joke or a science fiction fantasy, you aren’t alone. Even inside the industry, the idea of a speaker that you truly couldn’t see felt a little too good to be true. The earliest versions worked well enough but didn’t sound nearly as good as a traditional speaker. That is no longer true about every invisible speaker, so read on to find out why the all-new Sonance invisible speakers are our product of the month.

Let’s start by explaining that, unlike in a sci-fi movie, an invisible speaker isn’t invisible until it is installed. I know, I was disappointed too. An invisible speaker is a specialized speaker designed to be installed flush with the drywall, and them textured, wallpapered, or veneered over. Instead of a speaker cone directly moving air to create sound the invisible speaker actually vibrates the wall itself, essentially turning the wall into a speaker.


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