Why Consult With a Professional Before Building Your Smart Home?

Why Consult With a Professional Before Building Your Smart Home?

3 Reasons Why Early Consultation is Key to A Custom Smart Home Design

If you’re building a home soon in the Metro Atlanta area, we’re sure you’ve already thought about neighborhoods, school districts, house styles, nearby amenities and much more. Perhaps now you’ve narrowed your search, found an architect and builder and established a budget. Have you ever considered transforming your new build into a smart home? If so, now is the time to act!

Speaking to a smart home design and installation expert like Digital Interiors long before building your home poses a unique, short-lived opportunity. You can have the features you value the most installed directly, while your walls are still open and you’re focused on your goals. Below, we’ll give you three reasons why it’s easier to begin laying the groundwork as early on as possible.

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Complete Customization

If you determine your smart home goals early in the process, you’ll have full customization of your home from the beginning. Live out your design dreams with Digital Interior’s expertise by building from the ground up.

As the Atlanta area’s premier smart home design experts, we can strategize and build based on your preferences, no matter how specific they might be. We’ll need to communicate with other professionals, such as your architect, builder and even landscaper so that we can proceed with a shared vision. We can help incorporate our design expertise into your home as well as collaborate with you to explore hidden opportunities and new ideas.

Design Is Top of Mind

When you begin the planning stage of your home, you’re thinking visually – gradually building a concept of what your ideal home might look like. Digital Interiors can be a valuable part of that process. We’ll talk to you about your style and how we can help incorporate that into your dream home.

As smart home design experts, we hyper-focus on the details. For example, if you want a contemporary smart home, we make sure every fixture looks trim and industrial, even focusing on often-neglected features such as light switches.

Your Home’s Open to Possibilities

At this critical, pre-build stage, Digital Interiors would also communicate with your architect and builder to make sure everything you’re seeking is possible. For example, if you envision a motorized drapery installation, you’ll need to inform the builder to lay drapery tracks where the architect recommends adding them.

Your walls are literally open to all possibilities, so this stage lays the groundwork for innovation. Smart home technology built directly into the infrastructure can prove much more effective than homes limited to wireless technology. For example, we can wire an expansive network system during this stage that prepares your home for limitless innovations. Your network will be strong enough to handle lighting, security, shades, AV equipment, outdoor functions and much more.

Also, when you’re developing a media-focused room such as a home theater, you want the most robust audio possible. Wired audio, which requires in-wall installation work, carries a fuller, richer sound than most wireless offerings. We can help you and your builder select the exact speakers that give you the music and movie experience you deserve.

A Smarter Way to Build Your Smart Home

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