Automated Systems for Daily Life

Automated Systems for Daily Life

Automated home systems will change your everyday life

Send your home or office space into the 21 century!

When we first opened our business 20 years ago, it was routine for our customers to turn off every light before leaving home or expect technical difficulties during work meetings. Nowadays, it can be difficult to find where to start with so many options. Our team has created a quick few suggestions to drive your home or office space into the 21st century.

Full System - Leaving for work will become easy with just a click of button to lock the doors, turn off all the lights, and lower the shades.

Common Rooms - Your family room or game room will quickly become your favorite room in your house with touch screen technology to adjust lights, sound, and temperature.

Media Rooms - It’s a little known fact that any room in your house can turn into the best home theater in the neighborhood. Making speakers and screens drop down from the ceiling not only keeps the room looking tidy, but will impress your neighbors for any movie screening.

Outdoor Media - As we’re coming up on football season, there’s no better way to enjoy the game while grilling outside or taking a dip in your pool. Outdoor lights and speakers can be adjusted and automated through the touch of button.

Professional Spaces
Boardrooms - Make every meeting productive by adding automated systems to your lighting, TVs, projectors, and audio systems. No more waiting 20 minutes for the IT guy to come fix your presentation!

Restaurants - Quickly change the mood from lunch to dinner with one touch of a button, and end your day with the one automated system to turn off the lights and close up shop.

Classrooms - The best lecture halls are those that bring simplicity to audio and visuals. Keep your students captivated with HD video and audio throughout the entire classroom.

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