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Embrace the Spring Weather with Smart Landscape Lighting

Embrace the Spring Weather with Smart Landscape Lighting

Enhance Your Design and Control Options with These Outdoor Lighting Tips

It's the perfect time to head outdoors in Mission Viejo, CA and enjoy the cool spring weather while watching the sunset from your patio or hosting friends for a barbecue. If you're going to be spending more time outdoors, the right landscape lighting solution will not only help you show off your best features, but it will also make your pool, patio, and backyard more enjoyable. Below we highlight some of the ways you can use home lighting automation to enhance your outside spaces. 

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Add Depth to Your Lighting Design

One common mistake when it comes to landscape lighting is going with a monotone approach. Many homeowners will only install a few fixtures to cast a general light over outdoor spaces. Stylistically, this will make your property look dull and obscure important features. When it comes to your security, it can cast dangerous shadows over areas of your property. Instead, take advantage of home lighting automation to efficiently manage a mix of ambient, practical and accent lights.

Stay a Step Ahead With Timers

You can take advantage of home lighting automation in your outdoor spaces through the use of timers. Program lights to turn on automatically as the sun sets, so neither your get-togethers nor your guests are left in the dark. With a smart lighting solution, it’s easy to adjust the time for changes throughout the year. You can also schedule accent lights to turn on during certain days so you can showcase your fountain on Mondays, garden on Tuesdays and your outdoor sculptures on Wednesdays.

Set the Mood with Color Variations

Through your home lighting automation system, it’s also easy to adjust the color of your outdoor lights. You can use timers to change the color depending on the time of day; for example, offering up a romantic dark blue hue when you’re watching the sunset on the patio. You can also have different colors come up depending on the seasons, going green for St. Patrick’s Day and red, white and blue for the 4th of July.

Conserve Your Style with Motion Sensors

While landscape lighting designs will vary from home to home, some lights should be included in all plans. A must-have are walkway lights necessary to ensure your guests' safety. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of walkways, these lights could wash out your overall design. You can resolve this problem by incorporating motion sensors. The majority of your walkway lights remain off throughout the day, only turning on when people are walking by them.

Create Unique Entertainment Environments 

Through your home lighting automation system, you can create unique scenes for when you're entertaining guests. Each scene will correspond to a particular outdoor activity. A "Pool Party" scene turns on the lights in the pool, its periphery, and on the patio where the parents can relax. A "Grilling" scene turns on the light over the grill, so you have a good look at your meat to gauge when it's done. The lights also turn on in your dining area and backyard so you can show off your landscaping.

Whether you want to showcase certain architectural features or create an ideal environment to host friends, it's time to upgrade your outdoor lighting. Contact a local BRAVAS partner to see which design and control options make the most sense for your home. 

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