What Benefits do Motorized Shades Provide (Besides Convenience)?

What Benefits do Motorized Shades Provide (Besides Convenience)?

SES Design Group reveals the benefits of automated window treatments

Is there any part of the home you can’t make “smart?” More and more homes (and apartments and resorts, etc.) are being constructed with advanced technologies built in. Ovens and refrigerators are being delivered with WiFi, apps and touchscreens. However, don’t think you’ve missed the boat if your whole environment hasn’t been retrofit for all the new technology. SES Design Group has solutions for introducing basic home automation to get you acclimated, such as motorized shades!

Controlled shading is obviously convenient, but are there any other benefits? Glad you asked! There are actually several reasons why programmed, responsive window treatments are both a great investment and a “smart” decision for your property and family.

Stop the Sun Damage

Many of the items in your home (such as photographs, upholstery, rugs, and more) contain dyes and inks that will fade when exposed to too much sunlight. Controlled shades can be programmed to prevent the harshest direct light from damaging your valuables, and can even be scheduled to alter the operations due to Daylight Savings and seasonal changes.

Enhance Your Security

Programmed shades being adjusted throughout the day can provide the appearance that someone is home, even if you’re at work or on vacation. You can either select specific times based on the sun’s rotation, or set them to random if you’re going to be away for an extended period and don’t want anyone to know.  Security is one of the primary reasons why clients explore responsive shade options, second only to…

Save Your Money

How? The more sun that cascades through your windows, the harder your AC works to offset the heat. Shutting out natural light and heat in the winter makes for more work for your furnace. Shades programmed to automatically cut off light when you don’t want it, while letting it in when you want it the most, is a big step toward conserving energy and reducing costs.

SES Design Group is ready to show you all the options available, whether for a simple installation of remote controlled shades, programmed lighting options, or a whole-home makeover to get you ready for future technology upgrades. Give us a call and we’ll show you how easy upgrading to a “smart” home can be!

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