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Why Should You Upgrade to a Smart Security System? Why Should You Upgrade to a Smart Security System?

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With a Solution From SES Design Group

According to FBI Crime Reports, there were almost 2 million burglaries in the United States in 2014, resulting in $3.9 billion in property loss. Of those burglaries, almost 75 percent were due to forcible entry. It's not enough to simply make sure your doors are locked at night, you need an intuitive system that keeps you and authorities informed of any unusual activity as soon as it happens. Which is why a smart home security system may be the best way to keep your family safe in your Sugar Land, Texas home. Read on to see some of the reasons these systems stand out from a traditional model.

3 Security Features for a Smarter and Safer Home

SES Design Group Creates a Smart Solution That Keeps You a Step Ahead

There’s a reason home security systems are often a person’s first foray into the world of smart technology. They provide you peace of mind by keeping your family safe and keeping you connected to your home at all times. From alerts on your phone to remote control of your locks and surveillance videos, SES Design Group crafts a simple, convenient solution that will bring an added sense of security to your Houston, Texas home.

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