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Where Should You Install Your Outdoor Light Fixtures? Where Should You Install Your Outdoor Light Fixtures?

Enhance Your Home’s Style with the Right Landscape Design

Creating the perfect atmosphere in your The Woodlands, TX home's outdoor spaces comes down to having the proper lighting. Not only do you need to make sure that you buy the correct types of outdoor light fixtures from Coastal Source, but you also need to know where to place them. You can then enhance your design with intuitive control of all your fixtures to manage exactly when you want them to be turned on. In this blog, we show you how your lighting control system and landscape design work together to make your home more beautiful.

Which Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Should Be Automated? Which Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Should Be Automated?

Enjoy Hands-Free Control of Your Landscape Lighting

Buying the right outdoor light fixtures for your Houston, TX home –ones that offer the right kind of light while surviving the elements—is only the first step. You also need to ensure you have the right system in place to control them. Reaching for the nearest wall switch is often not an option when you're outdoors, which makes lighting control a challenge. With that in mind, our landscape lighting solutions let you manage lights from a waterproof remote, smartphone or dedicated touchpad. Many times outdoor fixtures can even be automated through the use of motion sensors or schedules scenes to give you truly hands-off control.

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