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2015 is the Year of The Home Theater Enthusiast 2015 is the Year of The Home Theater Enthusiast

SES Design Group Talks Tech Trends

Technology not only surrounds us, but it is also constantly evolving, improving and oftentimes blowing our minds. Just a few months into 2015 and it’s shaping up to be the year of the home theater enthusiast. Screens with better picture and sound quality, more streaming content options, and TVs with crazy curves are just a few of the cool developments taking place. Here we’ll explore the latest electronic advancements and industry trends of 2015.

Which tech trends are you watching? Will you make any upgrades to your Houston home in the next 12 months? SES Design Group partners with industry leaders to bring you the latest and greatest technology and makes it easy to use.

SES Design Group Introduces the "Single App Home”

Savant Updates home automation with a redesigned total control experience

For years, SES Design Group has worked with premium names in home automation like Savant to bring the best in luxury home automation to the Houston area. Recently Savant introduced a game-changing update for their "Smart" and "Pro" series which puts the power of programming in the hands of the homeowner for a revolutionary, premium control experience.  

Entertainment Technology Spotlight: Marantz Network Receivers

SES Design Group of Houston features new Marantz AV amp and receiver products

It’s one of the reasons we’re in the Home Technology profession; discovering new and recent products and introducing them to our customers! To that end, SES Design Group is very excited to present a new headphone amplifier with an integrated digital analog converter (the HD-DAC1), plus two home theater networking receivers from last season (the NR1504 and the NR1604), from Marantz, a global leader in audio technology for over half a century.

Why do Acoustics Matter in a Media Room?

Your favorite Greater Houston Technology Professionals provide expertise and solutions

Room acoustics indicate how sound waves interact within a room. Every room reacts differently to the variety of sound frequencies, primarily because of the objects in it, and every speaker sounds different when in a different room. When you partner with SES Design Group for a fully-equipped media room, acoustics are a vital component considered as we design and engineer your space…and for good reason.

Houston Home Theater Design: 7 Factors to Consider Houston Home Theater Design: 7 Factors to Consider

Houston Home Theater Design: 7 Factors to Consider

Houston Home Theater Design: 7 Factors to Consider
Are you looking to design or redesign your home theater?
Based on the size and dimensions of the room, every home theater is different. That being said, these are 7 considerations that should be taken into account before designing your state-of-the-art home theater.

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