What Are the Best Uses for Your Outdoor AV System?

What Are the Best Uses for Your Outdoor AV System?

Enjoy Your Favorite Movies, Music and Teams in Your Outdoor Spaces

An outdoor AV system is all about giving you easy access to high-quality audio and video anywhere in your property. From the wiring framework to the right speakers, everything is expertly planned out to make sure that you can enjoy your favorite movies, music, and sports on your patio, pool, or backyard. Do you think your Sugar Land, TX home could benefit from having one installed? In this blog, we highlight some popular ways it could be used so that you can see if it would be the right fit for your family.

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DJ Your Kids’ Next Pool Party

With a professional installation, it's easy to play music when hosting your kids' friends. We use speakers designed for outdoor use, so you don't have to worry about children splashing water near them. From your smartphone, you can stream the playlist of your choice at the press of a button. Play one directly from your media library with your kids’ favorite artists or, if you’re not sure what they like, open a Pandora or Spotify playlist with the latest hits.

Get Inspired During a Cookout

As the kids play by the pool, parents can congregate by the grill as they prepare for some delicious burgers, hot dogs or steaks. One of the coolest things about an outdoor AV system is that it’s designed to have distinct entertainment zones. Speakers are expertly laid out so you can have different music playing in different areas without interrupting each other. This way you’re not stuck listening to Taylor Swift; instead, you can pull up your grilling playlist featuring some rock classics. To ensure a reliable system, you can install speakers specifically designed to deal with the heat emanating from your grill.

Watch Movies Under the Stars

With Seura offering 4K Ultra HD outdoor TVs as big as 84 inches, your entertainment doesn't have to be limited to just music. Combine your brand new TV with some satellite speakers and an underground subwoofer to create a private theater in your backyard. Your speaker layout is designed not only to create a surround sound experience, but also to keep the audio within your property so you don't get any complaints from the neighbors.

Host an Outdoor Super Bowl Party

From a waterproof remote, touchpad or smartphone, you can access all your indoor source components, so you’re not just limited to watching select movies. Recreate the tailgate experience for the big game by streaming the Super Bowl broadcast onto your outdoor TV. If the Texans or Cowboys make it all the way, you can even stream the play-by-play from your local radio station instead of having to listen to the FOX broadcast.

Boost Your Home Security System

Your outdoor AV system is good for more than just entertainment. Link up your speakers to your home security. If an intruder is detected, you can have a siren or alarm start playing to let him know he's been seen. You can also make sure that your family is properly notified in case of an emergency by having your alarm playing both indoors and outdoors.

Wondering if your home could benefit from an outdoor AV system? Contact SES Design Group to learn more about our AV installation services.

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