SES Design Group & Savant: Giving You (And Your Client) Full Control

SES Design Group & Savant: Giving You (And Your Client) Full Control

Boost Your Houston Project with a Smart Home Automation Solution

As the home automation industry continues to grow, a project’s brick and mortar foundation is not enough to impress clients. They want to have a space equipped with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate their day-to-day living and impress friends and family alike. Stand out from your competition on your next Houston project with a Savant System solution that puts control of climate, entertainment and lights directly in your clients’ hands on a smartphone, tablet or touchpad.  

Reap the Benefits of a Savant System

Why exactly should you incorporate a Savant System into your next residential project? With a smart home automation system, you can optimize your project’s potential. Here are a few ways that clients benefit from an integrated system:

They can distribute audio and video from a centralized location to limit the number of sources and keep technology components out of view. Centralized audio and video will also let your clients get the most out of their outdoor space. Vulnerable technology can be kept indoors while their favorite movie or music plays on weatherproof speakers and TVs.

Make your clients’ investment worth it with climate control from Savant Systems that consistently cuts their energy bills. Smart climate control lets them set a desired temperature on the thermostat and link it to motion sensors so that temperature rises when no one is home to avoid an overactive HVAC system in an empty space. Link your Savant climate control to a smart shading solution so shades adjust throughout the day to keep the space cool while limiting the energy spent by the system.

Finally, you can give your clients piece of mind with a smart security system. When motion sensors detect activity, an alarm goes off and the homeowner receives an immediate email or text alert. Remote monitoring allows your clients to keep an eye on their new luxury home at all times with access to live surveillance feeds on their smartphone, regardless of their location.

Let SES Design Group Guide the Way

The benefits of a Savant System are hard to deny. How can you bring smart technology into your space without ending up with a bloated budget? SES Design Group’s design-build process includes you from the planning phase all the way through completion to create a comprehensive, custom system that is designed specifically for your space.

We begin with a thorough discovery call to understand your clients’ distinct needs. Once your design is complete, we create comprehensive engineering documentation so you are always in the loop when it comes to our plans and progress. We maintain constant contact with designers, architects and builders throughout the installation process to ensure that everything is done in a timely and efficient manner. Our work is not complete until you and your clients are 100% satisfied.  

Make sure you stand out to clients on your next Houston project by offering Savant Systems solutions. Contact SES Design Group today to begin your consultation. 

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