How to Turn Your Pool into the Ultimate Entertainment Space

How to Turn Your Pool into the Ultimate Entertainment Space

Tips for Boosting Your Pool's TV and Sound System Installations

Create the ideal place to host friends and family during the great spring weather with a professional outdoor AV installation. As the weather begins heating up, everyone will be looking for great excuses to spend time outside. Lounge by the pool with your favorite music or watch the Astros' game while you grill some steaks. Enjoy an outdoor AV system that brings high-quality music and video to your pool so you can enjoy the vibrant weather and your favorite entertainment all at the same time.

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Invest in Reliable and Weatherproof Equipment

Everything starts with finding the right equipment. Do not settle for bringing indoor equipment outdoors. Most manufacturers now offer powerful and stylish outdoor solutions. Some even focus entirely on creating products designed to brave the elements. For your audio, we recommend Sonance speakers that can be hidden within your landscaping or mounted on the wall. When it comes to televisions, go with waterproof Seura TVs which are available as big as 84 inches.

Find the Best Placement for Your TV and Speakers

Once you’ve chosen the ideal equipment for your pool’s entertainment system, it’s time to figure out where it should go. The experts at SES Design Group can install a thorough wiring foundation so you can place speakers and televisions anywhere in your outdoor spaces.

Your speakers should surround your entire pool, creating a perimeter facing towards your home. This way your audio is evenly spread out instead of ending up with pockets where your music is unbearably loud. For your television, make sure it’s at least six feet removed from the pool. This will keep it safe from splashing and also prevent guests from trying to touch it while they're in the water. Though Seura offers great anti-glare technology, you can still optimize your video quality by mounting your TV facing north. This way when the sun sets, it's not hitting your eyes or the TV directly.

Get Easy Access to Your Favorite Entertainment

What do you want to listen to while you’re sitting by the pool? With a professional outdoor AV installation, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can listen to the radio, streaming services, or your personal media library. We also connect all your video sources, so you can watch the Texans game on Sundays or put on a movie when your kids are hosting a pool party.

With a variety of control solutions, it's easy for you to access all your favorite entertainment. You can use a dedicated touchpad mounted on the patio wall or your smartphone. If you're wary of having these devices near the pool, we can also let you manage your system from a waterproof remote.

Add a Little Bit of Festive Lighting

To keep the party going all night, you may also want to add some smart lighting to your AV installation. You can schedule your landscape lights to go on when the sun sets, so it's a seamless transition into the evening hours. You can also take advantage of motion sensors that turn on the lights surrounding the pool to help guests avoid an embarrassing fall when it gets dark.

Make sure you get the most out of your pool this year with an outdoor entertainment system that makes it fun for the entire family. For a custom solution with your family’s preferences in mind, contact SES Design Group to set up a consultation.

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