How to Take Advantage of High-Resolution Music Streaming

How to Take Advantage of High-Resolution Music Streaming

Integrate Wireless Sound into Your Whole Home Audio System

For years, audiophiles have looked down on music streaming services since they offered lower-quality sound than CDs or turntables. That has changed in recent years with the emergence of services like Tidal and Deezer that provide uncompressed files so users can enjoy every detail of their favorite recordings. In 2017, Tidal took it a step further by introducing MQA master streaming. In this blog, we explain this new technology and show you how a whole home audio system helps you get the most out of it in your Sugar Land or Houston, TX home.

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What is MQA master streaming?

Streaming files are usually low-quality since they’re compressed, holding around 250-300 kbps. Tidal and Deezer have offered lossless FLAC files in the past that include 1,411 kbps. Since you're getting more information per second, you get greater detail. The problem is these lossless files are heavier and can slow down the content. MQA offers the best of both worlds. It carries the same information as a FLAC file, but through its trademark technology it ‘folds' up that information into smaller files then opens it up when it's time to play it. You get the quality without having to deal with large files.

How Can You Listen to MQA files?

First of all, you need to subscribe to Tidal Hi-Fi and go to their mobile app. In the app's streaming settings make sure the Hi-Fi Master Checkbox is selected. You’ll then have to choose the DAC (Digital Analog Converter) that will open your files. Don't worry; your AV technician will help you find the necessary equipment or software needed for that. Once we install it, you just have to link it to the app.

How Can You Optimize MQA quality?

Many people will upgrade to high-resolution files and complain that they don’t hear much of a difference. That’s because the speakers they’re listening to aren’t good enough to take advantage of the additional detail they’re getting. By linking your streaming services to a whole home audio system, you can play these formats on high-end speakers that offer unprecedented clarity and depth.

Where Do You Want to Listen to Music?

One of the biggest benefits of streaming is that it’s easy to listen on the move. With a whole home audio system, you can do that without having to rely on headphones or smartphone speakers that will put your MQA master files to waste. We link all your speakers to a wireless receiver, so at the press of a button you can pull up your favorite albums and play them in the room of your choice whether it's your kitchen, media room or patio. You can even choose multiple rooms at once to fill your home with sound.

How Do You Want to Access Your Music?

With a professional installation, you also get to choose how you want to manage your streaming services. Pull up your Tidal Hi-fi subscription from a mobile app, dedicated touchpad, or smart remote. You can even incorporate music controls on the same wall switches you use to turn lights on and off. We also make it easier for you to choose between various sources. If the album you want isn't available on Tidal, you can switch over quickly to Deezer or your CD collection to find what you want.

It’s time to upgrade to an audio system that gives you easy access to high-quality music. Contact SES Design Group today to find out how we can help you get more out of your streaming services.

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