How Can Lighting Control Enhance Your Lifestyle?

How Can Lighting Control Enhance Your Lifestyle?

SES Design Group Helps You Set the Scene in Your Sugar Land Home

Your home’s lighting has a constant impact on your day-to-day living. Whether you’re trying to find the right lighting to read your favorite book or turning on outside lights to enhance security, you’re always communicating with your lights. Why not simplify that communication with smart home lighting control? SES Design Group works in conjunction with Lutron to create a custom solution that can get the most out of your space. 

Transform Any Room Instantly

One of the most useful features of smart lighting control is the ability to create preset scenes. With the press of a button, your room immediately adapts to your activity. Once you have found the perfect lighting setup for a certain activity, simply name it, save it to the system and retrieve it with the push of a button. For example, a “Cinema” scene in your home theater will turn off the lights, close the shades and activate smaller LED fixtures to give you just enough lighting without impacting the images on your screen.

Streamline Your Daily Routines

You can also schedule recurring scenes to accommodate your daily routines. At a specific time every morning a “Wake Up” scene slowly turns on the lights and opens the shades for a smooth transition into the new day. Get peace of mind with a “Good Night” scene that activates at a pre-set time every night to ensure all lights have been turned off, all shades are closed and the security system is armed.

Highlight Your Home’s Décor

Extend the reach of your décor with smart shading that protects precious items from UV rays, allowing you to put your favorite art and furniture at the forefront of any room. SES Design Group works with Lutron’s wide range of products to create a distinct layout to fit your space with lighting fixtures laid out and installed specifically to highlight your home’s best features. Use your home lighting control to easily access all those fixtures form a central user interface on your smartphone, touchpad or tablet.

Enhance Your Home Security

Lighting control incorporated into your security system can help boost the safety of your home and family. For example, when motion sensors detect unusual activity all lights can turn on to see if there’s an intruder. Landscape lights linked to sensors turn on as soon as sunlight fades to avoid dangerous unlit areas. Going away for a long period of time? A “Vacation” mode recreates your usual lighting and shading routines to simulate activity in the house.

Lutron home lighting control changes the way you communicate with your Sugar Land space. Contact SES Design Group for a custom solution designed to meet your needs.  

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