6 Fun Facts About Lutron Motorized Shades

6 Fun Facts About Lutron Motorized Shades

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There are a lot of practical reasons to add motorized window shades to your Houston, TX home. There’s the obvious convenience of not having to get up from the couch or your warm bed to make adjustments. Smart shading solutions can also enhance your safety and reduce your monthly energy bills. With so many applications, Lutron lighting and motorized shades are a must-have upgrade this spring. Below we highlight some fun facts about these versatile shading solutions to help you figure out if they’re the right fit for your space. 

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Fun Fact #1: It’s Not Just About Shades

Though roller shades are the most popular option, Lutron offers a variety of designs for its smart shading solutions. You can opt for wooden blinds, elegant drapes, or honeycomb shades. Your local Lutron dealer or interior decorator can help you find designs that fit perfectly with your interior décor.

Fun Fact #2: Color Makes All the Difference

There aren't just stylistic implications to the color you choose; it can also affect your view and not in the way you might imagine. Often when homeowners want shades that will let them look out, they'll opt for lighter colors like white or beige. But light colors actually make it harder to see outside since they disperse light across the fabric. Instead, for a better view of the outdoors, you should opt for a darker hue like gray or navy.

Fun Fact #3: Fabric for Any Occasion

Lutron motorized shades come in over 200 fabric types. With drapers it may not make a big difference, but there are a lot of practical implications to your fabric choice when it comes to solar shades. You can use special-grade solar screens that block UV rays to protect your interiors and reduce heat gain. Blackout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms or media rooms to reduce glare and provide greater privacy.

Fun Fact #4: You Don’t Have to Settle for One

When choosing your fabric, you don't have to make a tough decision between style and function. Instead, you can take advantage of double roller applications. Have two different fabrics on one window, and then choose the one you want to use throughout the day. When hosting your friends, display an elegant sheer fabric in your living room. When it’s time to watch a movie, drop a blackout shade to eliminate any glare on the screen.

Fun Fact #5: A Hassle-Free Upgrade

Are you reluctant to undertake a long installation? Lutron's solutions are ideal for both retrofit and new construction. Though you need a hard-wired solution to integrate your Lutron lighting control with a full smart home automation system, Lutron Serena shades are battery-operated and perfect for one-room applications. You don't need any additional construction or wiring to upgrade your existing shades, and the batteries last 3-5 years, so there's almost no maintenance required.

Fun Fact #6: Take a Hands-Free Approach

One of the reasons we like working with Lutron is that they always stay on top of the latest trends. They were one of the first companies to integrate Amazon Echo so you can manage your brand new Lutron shades with simple voice commands. A note here about shades; they must be part of a full automation system in order to be able to use Amazon’s voice control features. Additionally, those interested in voice control can operate their shades through Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

There are a lot more stylistic and pragmatic benefits to Lutron's smart shading and lighting solutions. To help you learn more about them, we've put together an educational guide showcasing some of their top features and benefits. To access the guide, just click the button below.

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