5 Perks of Installing Smart Home Technology

5 Perks of Installing Smart Home Technology

SES Design Group Offers a Guide to Smart Automation’s Best Features

What do you envision when you think of the ideal home? There's the classic architectural features highlighting the entrance, a sprawling garden in the backyard and a clutter of switches on the wall. Wait, that's not right. Why build a custom home without the right technology solution to optimize the style and function of the space? This is why integrators and builders are a match made in heaven. SES Design Group works with your company to create a smart home automation solution that will wow prospective home buyers with the following features:

1. Eliminate Confusion and Clutter with Centralized Control

Even luxury homes can face mundane problems with the wrong technology. What light switch connects to which outlet? Why won't the television turn on even though you've pressed every single button on the universal remote? Make those problems disappear with a smart home automation solution that centralizes control of all subsystems –from lighting to security—on one intuitive interface.

Offer control in various ways whether it's from a smartphone with the help of the Savant App or from a touchpad placed on the wall. Control is available almost everywhere. Provide future homeowners the ability to turn off lights and lock doors from a different floor or even when away from home.

2. Give Technology a Chance to Bask in the Sun

Remember the sprawling garden in the backyard? It doesn't have to be just a garden! A home audio and video system incorporated into a smart automation solution lets entertainment go outdoors, providing prospective buyers more livable square footage—a key factor in home sales. Here's how it works: vulnerable components are kept inside an A/V closet and distributed via matrix switchers to weather-proof speakers and outdoor televisions. There's no need to bring remotes outside, simply use a tablet or smartphone to choose a playlist, movie or TV channel.


There's a large collection of products built to weather the elements. Seura Storm TVs, for example, offer HD images immune to the sun's glare. We know that's not the only danger for an outdoor television. Seura Storm televisions have even been tested to withstand flying objects (not the unidentified kind) in case kids decide to play ball in the vicinity.

3. Let Technology Boost Your Style

Use that same audio and video system to hide technology indoors to preserve the home's distinct style. For example, Sonance Invisible Series speakers hide within the walls while wires and source components are hidden away to offer immersive sound without the physical intrusion. Don't want to sully an impeccable construction project with wall clutter? Use TRUFIG flush mounts to discreetly place light switches, air conditioning vents and touchpads on the walls.

4. Shine a Light on Your Best Features

Use smart control of lights and shades to dress up your home. LED bulbs offer thousands of color options to highlight architectural features, recent art purchases or simply set the mood. They can be incorporated with ease into your smart automation system. Shading solutions, meanwhile, not only save energy by harvesting natural light and helping to regulate temperature, but also add a layer of warmth to the interior décor. With hundreds of design and fabric options available, there's a solution to fit any style.

5. Become More Efficient With Automated Responses

What's the point of a smart home if it can't think for itself? A custom integrator gets all the systems in the home speaking the same language. When all systems communicate, they work together to conserve energy and increase security. If an environmental detector notices a leak in the kitchen, it immediately shuts off the home's water supply to avoid major damage. Similarly, if a fire alarm goes off, the HVAC system can be shut off to keep it from fueling the fire.

Want to change the way clients envision their dream homes? SES Design Group can help you build better, faster and more stylish homes.


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