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RSI in Evolution: Sitting Down with Travis Leo, CEO RSI in Evolution: Sitting Down with Travis Leo, CEO

RSI in Evolution In 2012, Travis Leo found himself at the helm of one of Denver’s biggest tech companies after purchasing BRAVAS Colorado, Inc., and he was ready to generate change. Armed with previous executive experience through his tenure with Quest, Travis was ready to take the company to the next level, propelling RSI into a new era of innovations in technology, and all of the growing pains associated with it. “I don’t know the difference between a nail and a screw,” he jokes. “I like it that way, I have a comprehensive understanding of technologies and what they can do, but I like to see things through the eyes of the customer.” Travis believes that this approach allows him to help client not only fall in love with smart home technology, but understand and appreciate what it can do to enrich their everyday lives.

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