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5 Keys to a Successful Smart Home 5 Keys to a Successful Smart Home

The promise of the automated, “smart” home has been around for decades. Remotely controllable, whole-house audio/video systems, automated lighting and window treatments, integrated monitoring, and security systems have all existed for a long time. So have computerized control systems to connect everything together and operate the various components from a single device.

So why doesn’t everyone have a smart home? Well, until only recently those technologies have only been available to the social elite. With technology advances, these solutions have moved down in cost significantly, opening it up to the more people.

The challenge that remains today is to create a system with components that are compatible with one another and that work together seamlessly to provide an easy and enjoyable user experience. Do-able? Absolutely. Do it yourself? Not so much.

If you’re thinking about adding automation to your home or upgrading smart home components you may already have, here a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the satisfying results you’re looking for.

Lighting Control Options by Lutron Lighting Control Options by Lutron

Until about 10 years ago, lighting was simple. You screwed in a bulb and switched it on or off. Today, this experience is dramatically different. Investing in smart lighting technology for your home is no longer a should-do, it’s a must-have. Why? Lighting is critical to everything you do inside of your home, from waking and sleeping to dining and entertaining. With smart lighting you can: – Program intuitive lighting scenes based on how and when you use a space – Control energy costs with automated fixtures – Highlight your home’s architecture, artwork and design – Mimic the sun’s natural light patterns indoors – Enjoy the mood and productivity-boosting effects of different light temperatures – Increase security while you’re away

The Latest Home Technology for Interior Design The Latest Home Technology for Interior Design

BRAVAS Colorado Inc. turned 31 years old on June 1. While we’ve witnessed the world of home technology change dramatically over the last 30+ years, one thing has remained the same: Our dedication to bringing the most innovative technology and leading-edge integration techniques into your clients’ homes.

With products ranging from automated lighting and shades, to invisible speakers, TVs that virtually disappear, 4K projectors and screens, and endless ways to customize each, we understand that it can be difficult to sift through the options to find the ideal solution.

The good news? We stay on top of trends so you can focus on design.

Our goal is to eliminate confusion, and provide you with products that not only revolutionize your client’s experience within their homes, but also transform the way you customize your spaces.

Here are a few of our top home-tech picks that are bringing excitement and innovation to interior design in 2018.

Improve Your Every Day with Human-Centric Lighting Improve Your Every Day with Human-Centric Lighting

Like shifting the light on your smartphone to night mode, the latest home lighting technology helps you tune into your circadian rhythm so you can sleep better, wake up refreshed, and even improve your mood. Experts agree that Human-Centric lighting is the biggest breakthrough in residential lighting and BRAVAS Colorado Inc. is one of the first to bring this technology to you.

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