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The Epitome Of Lighting Adjustment Expertise

BRAVAS is the market leader in the installation of Lutron's precision-designed lighting and shade solutions, suitable for any residential or commercial setting.


The Epitome Of Lighting Adjustment Expertise

BRAVAS is the market leader in the installation of Lutron's precision-designed lighting and shade solutions, suitable for any residential or commercial setting.
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Human Centric Lighting

Ketra Tunable Lighting Promotes Perfect Harmony

Experience the ultimate in natural living with our amazing tunable lighting fixtures! With advanced technology that automatically adapts to the changing color temperature and intensity of the sun throughout the day, our lighting consultants can help you achieve perfect harmony with your circadian rhythm.

Discover The Benefits Of Human-Centric Lighting

In today's world, where our daily lives revolve around indoor activities, we are constantly bombarded with artificial lighting that can disrupt our body's natural rhythms. But there's good news! With circadian lighting, we can simulate the natural daylight cycle and avoid the negative impacts of artificial light. The results are remarkable - improved moods, better sleep patterns, and an overall sense of well-being. During the day, cool, bright lighting promotes alertness and productivity, while warm, dim lighting at night prepares us for a restful sleep.
Warm Light
Cool Light

Lighting Control

Intuitive and Immersive Lighting Design, Installation and Control Solutions

BRAVAS offers a range of Lutron solutions, from the wireless RadioRA 3 to the wired HomeWorks systems, that effectively streamline the management of light in your home and perfectly align with your way of living. Discover our tailored lighting designer services.

Control Your Lighting With Just A Tap

Whether you opt to manage your lighting through our customizable keypads or the Lutron app on your preferred smart device, our expert Denver area lighting designers guarantee that controlling your lighting will not only be a breeze but also a refined experience.





  • Lutron App
    Get ready to experience unparalleled convenience and mastery over your lighting, shades, and other features, all from the comfort of your preferred smart device! With this amazing capability, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.
  • HomeWorks QS Alisse Keypads
    Master your home's atmosphere with the sleek and user-friendly HomeWorks QS Alisse Keypads, perfect for managing lighting and shades with ease.
  • HomeWorks QS Palladiom Keypads
    For a blend of style and functionality, the HomeWorks QS Palladiom Keypads offer precise adjustments of lighting and shades in your state-of-the-art smart home.
  • Custom RadioRA 3 Keypads & Dimmers
    Lutron RadioRA 3 keypads are a marvel of engineering and design, providing unparalleled lighting control capabilities while perfectly complementing the aesthetics of any environment.
  • Voice Control Integration
    With the effortless integration of popular voice control solutions such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home, managing your Lutron lighting system becomes an entirely hands-free experience.


    Palladiom Motorized Shades Redefine Your Relationship With Daylight

    Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your window treatments with Lutron Palladiom motorized shading solutions! Our range of wired and wireless, battery-operated systems make it easy and effortless to control the lighting and privacy of your Boulder, CO home. And with Lutron's hallmark whisper-quiet performance, you'll enjoy peace and quiet all day long!
    • Lutron roller shades
      Roller Shades
      Sophisticated, modern window treatments designed for privacy, adjustable light control, and delivering a touch of style. They can be personalized to suit your every preference.
    • Rollery Solar shades
      Solar Shades
      Trendy window treatments that scatter intense sunlight, minimize glare, and safeguard your interiors from harmful UV rays.
    • blue honeycomb shades on a window overlooking the ocean
      Cellular Shades
      Efficiently moderate your home's temperature using our cellular shades. Their unique honeycomb designs act as natural insulators, optimizing energy use.
    • woven wooden roman shades by Hunter Douglas
      Woven Roman Shades
      Create an opulent space with our window treatments crafted from intricate woven materials, all the while ensuring seamless functionality.
    • Lutron Blackout shades
      Blackout Shades
      Transform any room into a perfect spot for rest or cinematic enjoyment with blackout shades, designed to obliterate all ambient light at a button's touch.
    • Horizontal Sheer Blinds by Lutron
      Horizontal Sheer Blinds
      Attain the perfect sunlight equilibrium with our blinds, offering precise light adjustment, neat finishes, and an assortment of custom fabric choices.
    • Roman Shades by Lutron
      Roman Shades
      Showcase your unique style with our Roman shades, featuring your selected fabrics and Lutron’s straightforward control system.
    • Roman Shades by Lutron
      Drapery Tracks
      Experience effortless operation and quiet functionality with our vertical tracks that gently elevate elegant drapes, creating extra room in your space.

      Lighting Fixtures + Design

      Expressive Lighting For Any Space

      When it comes to Lutron lighting fixtures, you can expect nothing less than superior control, high-end LED lighting, and refined aesthetics. The diverse range of designs - from the conventional to the extraordinary - is a testament to Lutron's unwavering commitment to excellence.

      Lighting Design

      Stunning Lighting Fixtures Create An Engaging And Breathtaking Lighting Design Curated By Our Lighting Consultants in Castle Pines, CO
      • Art Lights

        Art Lights

      • Recessed Lights

        Recessed Lights

      • Linear Lights

        Linear Lights

      • Lamp Solutions

      • Housefront lighting

        & More!

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