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Add Magic to Your LED Lighting Installation with Ketra Tunable Fixtures Add Magic to Your LED Lighting Installation with Ketra Tunable Fixtures

See How Tunable Lighting Elevates Your Home Spaces While Boosting Your Health

A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll reveals that 89 percent of Americans say that exposure to natural light elevates their mood, while 87 percent say that sunlight exposure has a favorable effect on productivity, alertness and brain function.

Most of us aren’t getting the circadian lighting we deserve simply because we’re not exposed to enough sunlight. In fact, a study by the Environmental Protection Agency found that Americans spend the vast majority of time indoors – about 90 percent of their days, leading to mental and physical sluggishness. To exacerbate the issue, we can’t relax when we get home: We’re flooded with cool light late at night through tech devices like cell phones and computers, leaving us wired when we’re supposed to be sleeping.

Is it time to break that cycle with an LED lighting installation that helps restore your body’s natural balance? Keep reading to see the art and science of Ketra tunable LED light fixtures and how the system can boost wellness in your Potomac, MD, home. 

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