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da Vinci 8.1 da Vinci 8.1

Savant Pro 8.1 is now available for download! Look forward to:

  • Multi-zone music distribution: When controlling volume with a ProRemote, the Remote can now control all grouped zones.
  • Soft power button confirmation pop-up for Pro Remote: Now has a prompt to turn off just the A/V or everything in the room.
  • Improved connectivity: With Remote, Remote Base, and Host.


Replacing the rechargeable battery in an RTI remote control

After charging for years, the rechargeable battery in your RTI remote control can likely no longer hold a charge for an extended period of time and is ready for replacement.  This sounds like a simple process, but the battery connector in the T2c remote control is especially fragile and can be damaged in the process.  Our project manager, Tom Haslup has created a video on YouTube to help you replace this battery without causing damage to the remote.  Click on the link below to watch this helpful tutorial:

Changing an RTI Battery

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