Your Starter’s Guide to Whole-House Audio and Video

Your Starter’s Guide to Whole-House Audio and Video

Here’s What to Know About Whole-Home A/V and How It Can Benefit You!

As technology has progressed, a whole new world of entertainment access has opened to eager movie and music lovers. We no longer have to visit the movie theater or even rent DVDs because of the influx of streaming video providers like Netflix and Hulu, which lets you see more than 10,000 feature films instantly. Similarly, few people need to stock up on records or CDs to enjoy their favorite music; they can access it digitally through Pandora, Spotify or TIDAL. 

At Digital Interiors, we have embraced the flexibility of these developments and have been adding both audio and video throughout North Georgia homes, sans wall clutter or excess wires. With a streamlined A/V installation, you can enjoy the convenience of managing every speaker and TV in your house through one app on your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy the downloaded 4K movie on your Kaleidescape player or the disc loaded into your Blu-ray player from your dedicated theater to your bedroom’s 4K TV.

If you’ve never considered whole-house audio video for your Atlanta home, maybe it’s time to explore its benefits and learn a few more details. Keep reading to see why we think whole-home audio video would suit your lifestyle.

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What Exactly is Whole-House A/V?

Simply put, whole-home audio and video gives you instant access to all your entertainment from every room in the house and even outdoors, giving you one-touch control for every song, movie and TV show available through your connected streaming services, cable boxes, A/V players and more. At your control, the house and reverberate with the same song, or you can take advantage of your ability play the same movie from your Blu-ray player across several TVs in your house simultaneously. Crestron, our choice home automation system, excels at handling all the intricacies of fine-tuning your A/V setup for you because we can program it until you have a user experience optimized perfectly to your listening and viewing habits.

So, how is this possible? Whole-house audio video is the end product of a professional A/V solution from our team of experts: We neatly store your home’s cable boxes, Blu-ray players, media streamers, music players and more in a centralized rack and use network cables and matrix switches to enable those devices to operate across any and every speaker, television or projector in your house. Whereas before, the Blu-ray player is confined to only your home theater, with whole-house A/V you can enjoy your Blu-ray movies from any connected TV in your house.

Why Make the Investment?

The convenience intrinsic to a whole-house audio video setup is unrivaled. Imagine pausing a riveting movie, stepping outside onto your outdoor patio and enjoying the rest from your outdoor home theater. You can press one button, and the film resumes precisely where you left off.

The benefits of music zoning will astound you, as you can entertain on the patio with dance hits, as someone else turns in early with some meditative music upstairs. Want a 2-channel audio experience in a dedicated music haven? Whole-house audio will also connect a dedicated listening room. Want to achieve peace and quiet in your house? Power down all music simultaneously, and you’ll be ready to sleep or reflect.

Ready to see what a difference expert A/V installation and support can make in your North Georgia smart home experience? Contact us here or give us a call at (770) 844-5800 to get in touch with our team today!

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