Why Now Is the Best Time for An Outdoor Speaker System

Why Now Is the Best Time for An Outdoor Speaker System

Transition From Summer to Fall With High-Quality Outdoor Audio

As August winds down, many people start thinking of cooling temperatures, back-to-school activities and, consequently, the imminent end of many people’s favorite season -- summer. 


However, given the balmy climate we enjoy here in Buckhead, GA, homeowners don’t have to worry about the warm-weather fun ending so soon. If you’re considering an outdoor speaker system, find out why you have plenty to look forward to when the temperatures (finally!) drop and the leaves turn.  


In this blog, we’ll explore how you can take your outdoor audio entertaining from summer to fall without a hitch, and why now’s the perfect time to install a new sound system

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Enjoy Your Audio in Late Summer

We know August feels like a transition month, but don’t write off summer just yet! After all, Georgia stays scorching until October some years, and there’s still plenty of time to relax beside the pool and entertain on your patio.  


Outdoor audio enhances any summer activity, whether your pool party demands a vibrant playlist, or you want to wind down to smooth jazz tunes in the jacuzzi. Host more festive BBQs with music emitting from your home’s exterior. You can opt for models flush-mounted to exterior walls or under eaves (like the one pictured above), resulting in a hidden sound source that blends into your decor.  

Transition to Autumn 

Sports fans everywhere anticipate the fall for football’s return, and there’s no doubt that Southeastern Conference fans hold a particular affinity for this season. Welcome food, fun and healthy rivalries into your home with outdoor audio, and start enjoying your games outside with high-definition sound that makes you feel entrenched in every play. 


Want to do more than listen to your favorite sports? Heighten the excitement with an outdoor TV, so you can savor both the sights and sounds of that pivotal Bulldogs touchdown or Braves home run. 


Not a sports fan? Enhance your fall bonfires with relaxing music emitting from landscape speakers placed strategically throughout your backyard. One of our partners, James Loudspeaker, makes durable outdoor speakers that disguise as a planter. They also offer mounting equipment to hide their speakers into shrubbery or even trees: Just imagine how much fun you can have with this setup during Halloween season! 



Why Opt for an Outdoor Speaker System? 

Much like our advice for outdoor TV displays, we would never recommend that homeowners drag their indoor equipment outside and expect it to last or function properly. Standard speakers simply can’t hold up to the heat or precipitation.


Also, sound dispersion gets trickier outside. The sound waves compete with countless moving objects, like people, wind and pool water motion; plus, you have to disperse that sound over a broader space. That’s why we not only install outdoor-graded equipment but strategically place the speakers throughout, which both allows even dispersion and avoids the dreaded “boomy” effect. 


During our consultation, we’ll talk about your priorities and suggest products and placement options that work for your property. You’ll find plenty of options for outdoor audio that match both your acoustic and aesthetic goals.   
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Do you want to read more outdoor AV content? Stay tuned for next month’s blog when we talk about elevating outdoor entertainment with a professional TV installation. 

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