The Turntable Comeback: Here's What You'll Want to Know

The Turntable Comeback: Here's What You'll Want to Know

In the Age of Digital Audio, Vinyl Records are in the Midst of a Renaissance

Over the years, the way we listen to music has changed.

Turntables fell by the wayside as portable music devices such as Walkmans and portable CD-players evolved. Digital audio soon-after eliminated the need for dedicated music players.

While you no longer need a CD or a cassette tape to listen to your favorite music, they never were iconic symbols of society. Vinyl records were.

It’s part of the reason why turntables are making a comeback in the age of digital sound. And you can incorporate one to be the centerpiece of your Alpharetta, GA home’s 2-channel audio system.

In this blog, we explore the best modern turntable options on the market that you can add to your home now.

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The Premier Modern Turntable

If you want an unsurpassed turntable – a machine that can play your vinyl records at a sound quality that can eclipse digital audio – we have a clear recommendation: Thorens’ new 900-series.

Thorens released the three new retro-styled turntables in May 2017, with their design based off two classic decks from the 1960s and 1970s: the TD 160 and TD 170.

While these turntables honor and mirror the sub-chassis design of the past, they also focus on new for playing high-fidelity sound.

For example, all three of the 900-series products are comprised of Tricom – a POM/Aluminum composite with high stiffness and dampening qualities. Each motor also is directly mounted to the dampened sub-chassis to reduce vibrations.

The result is a premier vinyl-record listening experience perfect for the 21st century. The only difference between the three models – the TD 907, TD 905 and TD 903 – is the quality of the dampening, platter and tonearm board used.

An Option For Everyone

While we recommend the Thorens 900 series, there are many other turntables readily available on the market that can be the core of your 2-channel audio system.
Thorens, Marantz and Sony all offer turntables at a variety of price points targeted to any audiophile or casual music enthusiast.

If you want further proof of the turntable renaissance, you can browse online at some of the world’s largest retailers and choose from thousands of vinyl records.
Decades after their peak popularity, turntables once again are making their way back into society.


We at Digital Interiors are proud experts on turntables and can install one to be the core of your home’s 2-channel audio system.

With music being such a subjective experience, we encourage you to experience a turntable firsthand before you buy it. You can test out the Thorens line of turntables at our brand new showroom in Alpharetta.

To find out more, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can either call (770) 844-5800, chat live by clicking on the button at the bottom-right corner of your screen or fill out a short form on the page linked below. We look forward to assisting you!

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