Should Designers Choose Manual or Motorized Shades?

Should Designers Choose Manual or Motorized Shades?

Spoiler Alert: There’s Simply No Contest When it Comes to the Benefits of Motorized Shades

As an interior designer, you know firsthand the benefits of window treatments for your Atlanta, GA, clients’ homes. They enhance the surrounding decor, diffuse harsh summer beams and add a touch of elegance to any space. They’re also helpful in blocking light from media rooms, keeping a home cool and even protecting the client’s family.

Though any drapery can boast some benefits, we don’t want your customers to miss out on the added ones they’ll get with an upgrade to motorized shades. Though at first they might seem like a mere “nice-to-have” item, you’ll find out how making this switch benefits them many times over. Keep reading to see why!

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More Shades in More Windows

Typical shades and drapes don’t allow much flexibility when dealing with unusually shaped, tilted, or floor-to-ceiling windows. However, Lutron’s motorized shades can accommodate almost any variety of window without them being too onerous to manage. Digital Interiors can lay the framework with drapery tracks, flush-mount shades and any other unique setup you need to cover every window in your client’s home.


Fewer Cords = Seamless Looks

If you hate the look of cords, you’re not alone. Your clients are likely clamoring for more streamlined solutions, as well. With motorized shades, they get quiet, seamless control with no strings attached.

Motorized shades not only enhance your design by minimizing cords; they also give every family member a chance to control the window treatments through safe, accessible technology everyone can use: Clients with children don’t have to worry about them getting hurt on the cords. Similarly, those with elderly family members love knowing voice control and remotes aid those who can’t physically reach for the string.


Protect Your Vulnerable Décor

If you’re not careful, a stray beam of sunlight can enter your client’s home and bleach anything it touches -- including all those beautiful fabrics and finishes you spent hours selecting together. With manual shades, the best way to prevent UV damage is to leave your blinds closed at all times to avoid collateral damage.

Motorized shades make it easier for homeowners to manage natural light. They can bask in its beautiful glow when it makes sense, but easily control motorized shades via keypads, remotes or schedules to close them during high-light periods.

Enjoy Greater Décor Consistency  

A common issue when attempting to craft a comprehensive interior design is uneven shades. Misaligned shades and blinds stick out automatically and make the space look disjointed. It can be hard through manual shades not only to find the ideal open level for each model, but to get them to align evenly across multiple windows.

Lutron’s motorized shades include Intelligent Hembar Alignment™ that ensures shades not only open and close at the same speed but that they stop at precisely the same location across the entire house once homeowners save their preferred settings.

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