How to Fill Your Outdoor Spaces with High-Quality Audio

How to Fill Your Outdoor Spaces with High-Quality Audio

Find Out Why We Use James Loudspeakers in Our Whole Home Audio Solutions

What better way to spend the summer than taking in the sun in your pool, patio or backyard? Get more out of your outdoor sojourns with a sound system that lets you enjoy your favorite artists without having to sacrifice any of the audio quality. Replace those portable Bluetooth or smartphone speakers you’ve been using with a whole home audio solution. 

Not only will it be easier to pull up the music you want, but you’ll get better quality using some of the top audio manufacturers in the industry. In this blog, we are highlighting one of our favorite partners: James Loudspeakers. They offer a broad range of outdoor sound solutions that will help you host the ultimate pool party or movie night in your Atlanta, GA home.

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 Speakers that Can Brave the Harshest Conditions

One of the reasons we like using James Loudspeakers’ products is that they’re specifically designed for outdoor use. To survive the harshest of weather conditions, all landscape speakers use aircraft-grade aluminum. They range from powerful 70-volt speakers to low-impendance models that let your sound flow more naturally from your amplifier or AV receiver. 

Easy-to-Design Outdoor Sound Systems

Aside from their reliable equipment, another reason we partner with James Loudspeakers is that all their different products are designed to work together. The company offers packages including amplifiers, speakers, and a subwoofer to cover specific areas. They help us design unique layouts for our clients so they can get more out of their space. 



For example, the image above is a design from James Loudspeakers showing were speakers and suwboofers will be located in an outdoor system. These systems can even be divided into different audio zones so that you can listen to one playlist by the pool and another at the grill. Finally, they're easy to link up with the rest of your whole home audio system so you can pull up all your favorite sources and easily transition indoors in case of inclement weather.

Variety of Speaker Options for Any Environment 

The other thing we love about James Loudspeakers is that they offer a wide range of models so you can find the power and design options that make the most sense. Below we highlight some of the most popular ones:  

  • Bookshelf Speakers: These aluminum speakers are designed for indoor and outdoor use. These are ideal for those looking to install outdoor media rooms on their patio or balcony. 
  • All-Terrain Speakers: James Loudspeaker offers these in a variety of sizes and colors to bring high-quality sound throughout your backyard. You can use ground spikes to hide them within shrubbery and grass or mount them on trees. Either way, these speakers blend seamlessly with their surroundings.  
  • Under-Eave Speakers: Also available in a variety of sizes and colors, these speakers are placed on the outside of your house to get high-quality sound in your patio.  With a professional installation, these are discreetly placed, so they don't ruin your outdoor décor.
  • Subterranean and Marine Subwoofers: To finish off the system, James Loudspeakers offers a pair of subwoofers to bring out the deep bass sounds in your favorite movies and albums. The subterranean subwoofer is ideal for your yard or shrubbery surrounding your patio or pool. For patio, balcony, or roof applications, their marine subwoofers are an excellent alternative.  

Want to find out more about how to get high-quality sound outdoors with James Loudspeakers? Contact Digital Interiors to set up a consultation.


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