How to Avoid a Bland or Cluttered Interior Design

How to Avoid a Bland or Cluttered Interior Design

These Technology Tools Help You Avoid Common Design Mistakes

Since modernism hit the mainstream in the 20th century, the goal of many interior designers has been to create sleek, streamlined looks. Every designer faces two primary fears in this regard: being too cluttered or being too bland. Even though it's easy to pit these two fears against each other—the more you remove, the bigger the risk of losing personality—it doesn't have to be that way.

Did you know smart home design technology is available to help you accomplish both goals simultaneously? This blog will address some tips to add a spark to your interior design and how technology enables you to achieve them without increasing the clutter in your Buckhead, GA home.


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Give a Spark to Your Interior Design

Having a simplistic or streamlined style doesn't have to mean settling for boring, one-tone interior design. Even without sacrificing your initial mission, there a few additions you can make that will immediately add a spark:

  • Lighting: Revamping your interior design can be as easy as adjusting your lighting. Enhance your space by optimizing natural light, using color temperature, and creating layered lighting designs. On special occasions like dinner parties, you can add a spark of color or dimmed warm lighting for a more spruced up style.
  • Art: Open wall space can easily give your home a bland look unless you’re using bright colors or patterned wallpaper. A beautiful work of art can break up the monotony and provide much-needed color variation. It also creates an ideal focal point for the room. Highlight the artwork with LED accent lights.
  • Colorful Shades & Drapes: Just like works of art, drapes and shades are a great way to add color and personality. Our partners at Lutron offer a variety of options to match any style. You can explore them in their Fabric Gallery or by visiting our showroom.


Technology Helps You Avoid Unnecessary Clutter

Any time you make a change to your interior design, there's a chance it can mean added clutter. The good news is that there are a variety of technology solutions that let you incorporate the tips mentioned in the first section without ruining your beautiful balance:

When it comes to lighting, you don't have to worry about wall acne if you add new fixtures to create layered designs. You can use simple gang control to control multiple lights at once from a sleek keypad on the wall, a mobile app, or dedicated touchpad.

Adding art to your space can be a big decision, but you can give a pragmatic spin to that choice as well. Turn your art into a concealment solution that covers your TV when not in use. This is ideal in family room or media room settings where you want art to be the focal point throughout the day, but want your TV to take center stage when watching a movie or TV show.

Finally, while shades and drapes are a great color boost, their associated wands and cables are an immediate eyesore. With motorized shades, you can control them instead from a mobile app, remote, or the same in-wall keypad that controls your lights. You get the decorative advantage without the unseemly clutter sometimes associated with window treatments.

Are you ready to incorporate one of these smart home solutions in your interior design? To learn more, you can call us at 770-844-5800 or fill out our online contact form.

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