How Can Technology Protect Your Family During a Fire?

How Can Technology Protect Your Family During a Fire?

Home Automation Lets You Take a Proactive Approach to Your Safety

A large part of fire safety has to do with early detection. Fires can overtake a residence in two minutes, so it's important to alert family members as soon as a fire starts. That's why smoke detectors are legally required in all homes built in Buckhead and throughout the state of Georgia.

Every family should then develop an evacuation plan. Remember the safest route out of the house, establish an outdoor meeting point, and have a designated family member in charge of calling the authorities. If technology is so vital in detecting a fire, then why shouldn't it be part of this evacuation plan as well?

This blog highlights some ways you can use your home automation system to make sure your family is prepared if disaster strikes. Smoke detectors can work with the rest of your technology to activate automatic responses designed to facilitate evacuation.


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Knowing your route during drills is one thing, but it's easy to get lost and confused in the panic and darkness of a fire. Smoke could quickly engulf your home and result in pitch-dark conditions. Home automation systems can enable Fire Alarm scenes,  triggered by smoke or heat detectors, that automatically turn lights on to stir people awake and create a safe, lighted path out of the house. You can also have outdoor lights begin flashing so it’s easier for authorities to quickly find your home.


Locks & Doors

A second spent trying to unlock a door during an evacuation could result in serious injury. No, that doesn’t mean you should have your house unlocked at all times. During a fire, your home automation system can automatically unlock all doors to make evacuation easier for the entire family. Giving easier access to firefighters will also help them contain the fire as quickly as possible.


Backup Audio

If you have a large home, deep sleepers, or people that are hard of hearing, then you may want to link your fire alarm to your multi-room audio. As soon as a fire is detected, play a loud alarm through all your home’s speakers so everyone is aware there’s an emergency. Do this with outdoor speakers as well to let those in the surrounding area know that help is needed.


Fire safety shouldn’t stop at detection. Create a safer environment for your family with smart technology that’s there to help when disaster strikes.

To learn more about smart technology features that can help you protect your family, you can call us at (770) 844-5800 or fill out our online contact form.

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