How A Better Video Conference System Boosts Your Business

How A Better Video Conference System Boosts Your Business

With Crestron commercial automation solutions, you can get more work done and do it all more easily

Video conferences can be an incredible tool for collaboration and sharing information across long distances, but they can also be massive time sinks and wasteful. It all depends on how well your system works and plays well with others.

What if there was a better video conferencing system available, one that brought all your devices under one umbrella with simple controls? There is, and it’s called Crestron Flex. With powerful technology and easy-to-use controls, Crestron Flex is the perfect antidote to your troublesome video conference solution. In this blog, we’ll show you why Crestron Flex is ideally suited for businesses in Atlanta and other nearby parts of Georgia.

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The trouble with many video conference solutions is that you’re frequently dealing with different pieces made or designed by different companies. Your phones, intercom, screen and presentation system may all work well individually, but unless they work well cooperatively, technical issues are bound to arise.

Taking a unified approach is one of the advantages of the Crestron Flex system. The Crestron Flex Phone lets you initiate a conference call with one touch, then transfer that call with just another touch. Crestron Flex Phones integrate with Crestron Flex tabletop or wall-mounted video conference systems. All these devices integrate with Crestron Fusion room-booking and monitoring systems, making it easier to set up a call or meeting. And since it’s all made by Crestron, you can sure you won’t have any problems with devices not linking up correctly.


Easy integration is nice to have, but you also want to be sure your video conference system can do what you need it to do. Not to worry; Crestron has you covered there as well.

The Crestron Flex tabletop system includes a 360-degree quad-microphone array to make sure everyone is heard. The patent-pending Persistent Occupancy Awareness system combines passive infrared motion detection and voice activity detection works up to 6 feet in front of the video screen, and it activates the touch screen when it senses someone nearby. Flex also includes built-in acoustic echo cancellation, automatic mic mixing, automatic gain control and dynamic noise reduction.

On the video side, you get 1080p HD resolution with the Flex’s Huddly IQ camera, giving you a crystal-clear view of everyone on the call. You can zoom in up to 3X without any loss of resolution and enjoy its pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. Additionally, Crestron Flex systems come with native support for their Zoom Room systems or the Microsoft Teams system, which also integrates with Skype for Business. And with a wide array of USB and HDMI connections, you’ll never have to worry about finding an adapter right when your presentation is about to start.

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