Give Your Smart Home Year-Round Maintenance Support

Give Your Smart Home Year-Round Maintenance Support

Never Worry About Broken or Damaged Equipment Affecting Your System

So many new smart technologies advancements happen every day. Your home and lifestyle benefit from them, but with so many innovations, it can be hard to keep up with the newest and best equipment around. We all know that the most important time for your home automation features to work, is whenever you need them in your Alpharetta, GA living space. Read on to see how Digital Interiors can keep your smart tech systems working properly and up to date.



Starting off with your installations, we’ll make sure all your devices and components are compatible with one another. It’ll be guaranteed that your technologies all speak together and can notify different parts of the system for what to do. For example, if your room begins to heat up from the sun, your smart thermostat will know to lower your motorized shades automatically.


We’ve Got Your Back

Our intricate systems require ongoing maintenance to run as smoothly as possible, especially since so much is reliable on a strong networking backbone.
If you find that any of your superior equipment isn’t working, it doesn’t matter how urgent you find the issue. Whether it’s a regular afternoon or you’re about to have a huge get-together, we make it a top priority to help fix and repair anything that isn’t working as planned.

Our team is dedicated to giving you quality service that doesn’t just end when installations are complete. We are there for any issues that need to be resolved or components that need to be updated down the road.

Uniquely Maintenance for You

For your particular needs and budget, our team will put together a distinctive warranty and maintenance contract that will have tune-ups and maintenance support throughout the year. We’ll ensure system upgrades so that as the years go by, you’ll need less and fewer repairs if any at all.

As part of our ongoing maintenance features we offer remote monitoring of our systems. This way one of our technicians receives an alert every time there’s any downtime. In many cases, we can reboot remotely to resolve the problem. In other cases, this proactive approach helps us know exactly what manpower and parts will be needed to resolve the problem quickly on site.

Don’t let problems with technology keep your smart home from being the luxurious haven you know it to be. Learn more about our maintenance support and promises, by contacting us at (770) 844-5800 or online through our contact form. 

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