Enrich Every Holiday with Your Smart Lighting System!

Enrich Every Holiday with Your Smart Lighting System!

Take Your Home From Halloween to the Winter Holidays. Here’s How.

Though it feels overwhelming to think of the holiday season while it’s still September, there’s something about the last four months of the year that makes them seem as though they speed by. Once Halloween is over, we fly into Thanksgiving and right through the holidays.  

If you’re about to entertain, your goal is to provide a best-in-class guest experience. We can think of few better ways to do this than adding light to the celebration. With the right design strategy, expert installation help and some tools from Lutron, you’ll turn your home into the holiday hangout everyone talks about next year.

Be ready for anything with a smart lighting system that enriches the home with the holiday spirit, no matter which one you’re celebrating. We’ll start with Halloween and each subsequent event, giving you some ideas for your Atlanta, GA, home. Curious? Read on to learn more!

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Turn Your Home Haunted

One of the most fun aspects of Halloween is scheming about the occasion. Right after you ask yourself what you’re going to wear, you probably imagine how you are you going to decorate your house.

Generally, this holiday showcases two types of homeowners – those who want a friendly, inviting home and those who want to scare the trick-or-treaters. For the first type, we can add a friendly glow to walkways or maybe some strobe lighting for something extra.

And if you want to become the talk of the neighborhood, you’re in for a treat. We can add some flashing lights in trees or connect your lighting with occupancy sensors so that lights will activate as soon as someone enters the driveway or front yard. Use your Sivoia QS system to low all your blackout motorized shades simultaneously and give your home a dark, mysterious air. Pair this setup with the outdoor audio-video system we’ve discussed in a recent blog, then sit back and enjoy the reactions.

Give Thanks

Studies have shown that warm lighting stimulates appetites and calms nerves, and that’s just what you’ll want this November when you’re gathering around the table.

Don’t miss out on outdoor lighting this Thanksgiving, when the North Georgia landscape bursts with color. We suggest adding pathway lights or using the same ones we mentioned above for your Halloween haunt. It’s comforting to guests to see them as they pull up, and lighting provides a safe path to your doorway. 

Make The Season Bright

No matter which end-of-year celebrations you observe, you want lighting that delights your family and guests. With an automating lighting system, you won’t need to scramble around to unplug anything: Simply integrate your holiday lighting and automate it so it shuts down at the same time every night. Integrate this ease into your outdoor spaces, too, including landscape or exterior holiday lights. 

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