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2024 Lutron Titanium Dealer

Leading The Way In Lighting Management

As the top-ranking installer of Lutron's impeccably customized lighting and shade solutions, BRAVAS serves homes and businesses of any size.

Northern California

Leading The Way In Lighting Management

As the top-ranking installer of Lutron's impeccably customized lighting and shade solutions, BRAVAS serves homes and businesses of any size.

Northern California

Human Centric Lighting

Ketra Tunable Lighting Promotes Perfect Harmony

Pamper yourself with the comfort of a lighting experience that mimics the natural ebb and flow of the sun, fostering a sense of well-being that elevates your lifestyle. Start living your life the way nature intended with luxury lighting technology.

Discover The Benefits Of Human-Centric Lighting

Experience the opulence of a lighting system that mimics the sun’s color temperature and intensity to improve your overall mood, sleep patterns, and well-being. Productivity-boosting cool lighting keeps you awake during the day while soothing warm lighting sets the stage for restful sleep at night. Upgrade your lighting experience and embrace a life of splendor with Ketra’s human-centric lighting solutions.
Warm Light
Cool Light

Lighting Control

Lighting Design, Installation and Control Solutions from BRAVAS

Lutron solutions simplify the control of light in your luxury home. From Ketra’s human-centric solutions to wired HomeWorks systems, our lighting consultants have a Lutron system that perfectly complements your high-end lifestyle. Explore our custom lighting services here.

Control Your Lighting With Just A Tap

Indulge in the unmatched luxury of effortlessly managing your lighting with Lutron’s app or through exquisitely designed and customizable keypads. Our team of lighting designers in San Fransisco and Hillsborough, CA, creates a graceful control experience that enhances the beauty of your space.





Lutron App
Elevate your lifestyle using the Lutron app to seamlessly control your lighting, shades, and more from any sophisticated smart device.
HomeWorks QS Alisse Keypads
Elegant and customizable, the HomeWorks QS Alisse Keypads offer intuitive control over lighting and shades for sophisticated, effortless ambiance in your smart home.
HomeWorks QS Palladiom Keypads
HomeWorks QS Palladiom Keypads blend minimalist design with advanced functionality, offering precise control over lighting, shades, and more in your sophisticated smart home.
Custom RadioRA 3 Keypads & Dimmers
Bask in advanced functionality and stylish appeal of Custom RadioRA 3 keypads, dimmers, and switches, specifically tailored to add an air of sophistication to your environment.
Voice Control Integration
Connect your Lutron lighting system to popular voice control solutions like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home for hands-free control of your lighting.


    Redefine Your Relationship With Daylight with Palladiom Motorized Shades

    Lutron Palladiom motorized shades simplify the management of the window treatments in your Atherton, CA home. Explore wired and wireless battery-operated systems that both offer Lutron’s signature whisper-quiet performance.
    Lutron roller shades
    Roller Shades
    Experience contemporary elegance with these modern, streamlined window coverings, providing privacy, light regulation, and a touch of style. With an array of customization options, they are poised to satisfy all your needs.
    Rollery Solar shades
    Solar Shades
    Sophisticated window treatments that modulate intense sunlight, reducing glare and shielding your valuable furniture from damaging UV light.
    blue honeycomb shades on a window overlooking the ocean
    Cellular Shades
    Effectively manage your home's temperature in a natural and energy-efficient way with our honeycomb-designed shades, offering superior insulation for your space.
    woven wooden roman shades by Hunter Douglas
    Woven Roman Shades
    Luxury at its finest with our window treatments that feature intricately woven materials, effortlessly maintaining seamless functionality.
    Lutron Blackout shades
    Blackout Shades
    Alter any room into a sanctuary for sleep or a perfect movie-watching environment with blackout shades that wipe out all external lighting at a button's press.
    Horizontal Sheer Blinds by Lutron
    Horizontal Sheer Blinds
    Achieve the optimal sunlight balance with blinds that offer meticulous light control, refined finishes, and custom fabric alternatives.
    Roman Shades by Lutron
    Roman Shades
    Imprint your unique style with our Roman shades, featuring your personally selected fabrics and Lutron’s user-friendly control system.
    Roman Shades by Lutron
    Drapery Tracks
    Experience the luxury of smooth, noiseless operation with our vertical tracks that lift elegant drapes effortlessly, adding dimension to any room.

      Lutron Lighting Fixtures

      Expressive Lighting For Any Space

      Discover the perfect lighting fixture that illuminates your space and adds a touch of refinement and sophistication to your décor by working with our lighting consultants in San Francisco and Hillsborough, CA. Explore Lutron’s wide array of exquisite styles.

      Lighting Design

      Stunning Lighting Fixtures Create An Engaging And Breathtaking Lighting Design Curated By Our Lighting Designers
      Art Lights

      Art Lights

      Recessed Lights

      Recessed Lights

      Linear Lights

      Linear Lights

      Lamp Solutions

      Housefront lighting

      & More!

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