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How Outdoor Living Specialists Boost Your Outdoor Spaces How Outdoor Living Specialists Boost Your Outdoor Spaces

As more homeowners are creating unique outdoor spaces that accommodate entertaining, everyday living, and even cooking outside, the backyard has become the new centerpiece of the home.  Here are some steps an outdoor living specialist can take to design the perfect outdoor space for your family in your Monterey, CA home.

3 Ways a Smart Home Consultant Saves You Money 3 Ways a Smart Home Consultant Saves You Money

Even in luxury homes, budgets typically demand that you have to say no to some things. The knowledge of when to save and when to splurge is one of the most important things you can ask your smart home consultants. When it comes to home technology, understanding where you can save money without ruining the experience is complicated, since your devices are so interconnected. Read on for three ways you can protect your budget while maintaining the luxury experience in your San Francisco, CA home.

Jump Start Your Entertainment with An Outdoor Home Theater Installer Jump Start Your Entertainment with An Outdoor Home Theater Installer

If you have read any of our other outdoor blogs, you have heard us say that you can now replicate almost any smart home feature outdoors, and theaters are no different. The experience won’t be identical. You don’t have walls for instance, but creating a truly fantastic theater experience outdoors is possible if you know what you are doing. Luckily, as expert outdoor home theater installers we have some tips on how to get the most out the entertainment in your Pleasanton, CA home.

How to Get Home Technology Right from Day 1 How to Get Home Technology Right from Day 1

For anyone who has lived in a technology-enabled home, moving to a new home without much technology is almost like going back to the Stone Age. What makes matters worse is that when the technology is installed and done well, it becomes virtually invisible, meaning you may not know you miss it till you don't have it anymore.

We have talked to several team members at BRAVAS and asked them to use their experience working with an industry leading home automation company to advice homeowners and what to think about first when it comes to home technology. Here are the top 4 things to consider for your Atherton, CA home.

3 Compelling Benefits of Landscape Lighting 3 Compelling Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is certainly not uncommon in luxury homes, but most homeowners don’t grasp the full value and potential of a great landscape lighting system. The benefits to curb appeal are dramatic, but we have included three additional reasons to have your local landscape lighting company, BRAVAS, design an outdoor lighting system for your home below.

Outdoor Screens Get Motorized Makeover Outdoor Screens Get Motorized Makeover

In most areas of the country, there is that perfect time of year where family activities move outdoors, and quality-of-life hits an annual high. But then the season changes and that perfect weather is replaced by more extreme temperatures. Dinners on the patio, glasses of wine by the firepit and weekends spent by the pool stop, and the family abandons the yard until the perfect weather returns.

For the longest time this was just a part of life, but outdoor motorized shades have helped us turn two and three season porches into spaces that our clients can enjoy year-round.

How to Watch TV Outdoors in the Sun! How to Watch TV Outdoors in the Sun!

There is something special about watching a game outdoors on your patio or even in your garden. Some of us live in a climate where this is possible for the Superbowl, but many of us need to wait for warmer months to get outdoors.

Wherever you live and whatever you watch, there is something to consider when putting your TV outside the walls of your home. In this blog, we will review some of the issues and recommend a great TV for your outdoor upgrade – from one of our favorite brands, Seura.

Private Cinema VS Theater Private Cinema VS Theater

A dedicated home theater is a huge improvement over watching movies in your family room, but some theaters are simply more impressive than others. We like to refer to these truly special spaces as private cinemas. They are more than just a windowless room; they are an experience, a portal right into the movies on the screen. We are going to share a few things from our perspective as home theater designers that you can do to make your home theater a true replacement for the movie theater experience.

Taking the First Step into Human Centric Lighting Taking the First Step into Human Centric Lighting

There is a lot of talk about human centric or healthy lighting in the residential design and technology world. When you bring the subject up, you tend to get two questions: What is it, and how much does it cost? The first of these questions is easy to answer, but the second is one of those “well it depends” answers. As residential lighting designers, we will try to examine both in the blog.

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