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The Best Smart Technology for Restaurants and Bars in 2018

The Best Smart Technology for Restaurants and Bars in 2018

Make the Most of the New Year With A Creston Automation System

Perhaps you already have a plan for how you will grow business for your restaurant or bar.

Or maybe you are just now thinking about how you can improve your Northern California establishment in 2018.

Here’s our recommendation: Invest in an integrated control system.

There’s a solid reason behind that recommendation (or two, actually): It’s technology that not only enhances your customers’ experiences, but it also can make business operations more efficient (saving you money as a result).

For the best automation and control possible, we recommend Crestron systems. We are a proud Crestron dealer and can customize any system to your restaurant or bar’s needs – whether it’s in San Francisco or beyond.

Below, we explore what, exactly, a Crestron system can do for your business. Simply keep reading to find out more.

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As a restaurant or bar owner, you want your customers to enjoy their experience at your establishment. The more they enjoy it, the more often they’ll be back (and tell their friends too).

With a Crestron system, you can make a positive first impression from the moment a customer first enters.


Crestron provides a way to connect all of the technology throughout your restaurant, allowing everything to work together to create a cohesive, positive ambiance.

For example, the Crestron system could control an audio distribution system throughout your establishment that plays music encouraging a lively and welcoming atmosphere. The same system could manage video distribution and play content on TVs throughout your space.

If a Crestron daylight sensor within your space detects direct sunlight, for example, motorized blinds can roll down so that your customers can enjoy a comfortable dining experience.

Want to swap stations or turn down the music volume? It’s as simple as tapping a button on the Crestron touchscreen interface.

You and your employees can access your Crestron control system through a variety of options, as well – including remotes, in-wall keypads and touchscreens or even smartphone, computer or tablet applications.


Creston systems aren’t just for customer-facing components of your business. They actually can provide significant value to the way you keep your establishment efficient.

Heating, cooling, and lighting can eat up a huge amount of operational costs every day.

As a Crestron dealer, we can set up your building’s system to monitor energy usage and automatically optimize it in a way that saves you money without sacrificing the customer experience.

Even when you’re at your restaurant, you can use your Crestron system to manage lighting levels and turn your technology on and off.


When we install a Crestron control and automation system, we don’t expect your technology always to remain the same. Neither does Crestron.

During the installation process, your system will recognize each technology as its own node. As your restaurant or bar’s technology expands, new devices simply can be added to your existing system.

Crestron also is continually improving its software so that it ultimately is easier for you to control your technology.

You don’t have to worry about that, though. When new software and control technology emerges, we can alert and advise you of any upgrades available to your system.

Your establishment always is evolving. Your control system should be able to, as well.

We at The HomeWorks Group are proud Crestron dealers and can expertly install a system for your San Francisco or Northern California business.

To find out more about Crestron, we encourage you to reach out. You can get in touch with us by calling (925) 600-9680, chatting live by clicking the button at the bottom-right corner of your screen or filling out a short form on the page linked below. We look forward to assisting you!

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