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How Motorized Shades Can Enhance Your Office

How Motorized Shades Can Enhance Your Office

From Energy Savings to Elegance

Efficiency in the workplace can be the difference between success and failure. Making your San Francisco, CA office run as smoothly as possible requires an attention to detail. How much thought have you given to your current shading solutions? Your window coverings can have a major impact on your office from affecting the ambiance to affecting the temperature. Give yourself complete control over the natural light with motorized shades. To learn more about this option and what it could mean for your office, read on. 


Motorized shades are the combination of automation with shades, drapes, or blinds. At the touch of a button, you can lower the blinds or draw the curtains. Or, you can create a schedule that will automatically raise or lower the shades on one floor, the Eastern side, or the whole building at a given time. This solution also easily integrates with other commercial automation systems, like lighting control and HVAC.

With motorized shades, you have the ability to make these adjustments with your choice of control. You can add touchpanels to the walls, or use a personal tablet or smartphone for instance. The simple control makes organizing your whole building’s settings easy.

Motorized shades come in a wide range of colors and styles. Plus, they are custom-built to fit your windows. You can fit these window dressings into any space.


To be honest, there are more benefits than we could possibly name here. We will limit the list to two of our favorite categories: energy savings and improving workplace productivity.


Windows are not the most efficient technology. While we value them for their access to the outside world, we waste a lot of energy because glass is not a very good insulator. If the sunlight shines through, it can increase the temperature of your office, and cause the AC to work harder. Utilize your shading to make small changes that can lead to big savings. With automation, you can place all of your building’s shades on a schedule that closes the shades at the hottest part of the day. Or, place your shades on a solar sensor that will monitor how strong the sun is and adjust the shades accordingly.

Plus, integrating your shades with a lighting control system allows you to only use the electricity that you need at any given time. If the shades are open, the lights will automatically dim to maintain the lighting but save energy.


Automating your shades can also improve your workspaces. Your employees will feel the benefit of a consistent light that prevents glares. The right light will help improve concentration levels and make everyone more comfortable.

In the conference room, use your shades to improve your next presentation. When it’s time to present, press one button to close all the shades in the room so the screen is more visible. You’ll save time and impress your clients and employees.

Finally, because you have centralized control over all your shades, it’s simple to start and end the day. You or your employees will only have to press one button to have all the shades in the right position when it’s time to go home.

If you’re looking for motorized shades or other commercial automation solutions for your San Francisco office, then contact The HomeWorks Group today. 

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